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Im a fan of fashion but a supporter of comfort. I prioritize comfort and confidence over fashion. I also love makeup and prefer the “fierce” look instead of the “natural” ones. For shoes, it’s always about comfort and style; I choose uniqueness when it comes to bags.

Mission : To show the world that beauty and sexiness come in all forms and sizes. Motherhood doesn’t stop your rights to be fashionable and beautiful.

I have a lot of thoughts, ideas and experiences in fashion. Please visit my posts related to it :

OOTD : Blue/Black Diamonds

Staccato in PH

Melissa Ultragirl Cinderella


Nine West Philippines

OOTD : Lady in Red

OOTD : 10th

OOTD : Black Diamonds

Lobe Wonder

OOTD : Van Gogh

Plains and Prints Prestige Partnership Card

OOTD : Annabelle

OOTD : Golden Brown

OOTD : Barbie Pink

OOTD : Real Me

OOTD : Holter Vest

OOTD : Blue Whale

OOTD : Jaipur

OOTD : Nelwyn

OOTD : Bhie

OOTD : Beijing

OOTD : Warner

OOTD : Naomi

OOTD : Flossie

OOTD : Amber

OOTD : Jasmine

OOTD : Iman

OOTD : Peace

Family’s OOTD Dec 2015

OOTD : Strawberry

OOTD : William

OOTD : Twain

OOTD : Cherry

Aldo Zaitz

OOTD : Bairbre

Coach Shangri-la

OOTD : Napa

OOTD : Alec 3/4 Dress

OOTD : Blackberry

OOTD : Wayne

OOTD : Hashtag

OOTD : Game

OOTD : Holter Blouse & Ultra High Skirt

OOTD : Holter Dress

OOTD : Viviana (Friendship OOTD Goal)

OOTD : Valora

OOTD : Salvador

OOTD : Janna

OOTD : Cliff

Plains & Prints Fatima

When Purple Meets Pink

OOTD : Madrid

OOTD : 11th

OOTD : Nobu

Tips on Changing Poses

OOTD : Aeropostale

OOTD : Pietra

OOTD : Barrack & Bently

OOTD : Nikki 2.0

OOTD : Eric + Coat

OOTD : Normandy

OOTD : Mint

OOTD : Earl

OOTD : Fender

All About Shoes

Charles & Keith Pom Pom Lace Up Sandals

OOTD : Cannes

OOTD : Fido Wrap Around Maxi Dress

OOTD : Fortaleza

OOTD : Nella

OOTD : Vania Romoff’s Margarette

OOTD : Maureen Disini’s Rowan

Melissa Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes

OOTD : Grove

OOTD : Saige

OOTD : Hawa Mahal

OOTD : Gabe & Gregorie

OOTD : Gadhi

OOTD : Katerina

H&M Shoes

OOTD : John Hay

OOTD : Ianne

OOTD : Carmen, Jermaine, Forever21

OOTD : Maiden & Dickinson

OOTD : Die Beautiful

Trolls Movie Fashion

Shoes Look Good with Fernberry

Coach at Power Plant Mall Rockwell

Plains & Prints Blue Period

Hair Clip worth P150

Charles & Keith White Shoes + MAC Wild Berry Frosting

Michael Kors Chain Shoulder Bag

Stradivarius Earrings

Plains & Prints Timeless Dresses

Plains & Prints X Aranaz Dress

Karimadon & Michael Leyva gowns

Zara Cap – Boyish Look

Keira Hair Extension by Lynelle

Plains & Prints White Pantsuit

OOTD : Barbie Pink (after 4 years)

Plains & Prints Tokushima BLUE Dress

OOTD : Karimadon Black Dress

Crop Tops and Slit Dresses

OOTD : Jasmine Look Ft Carnelian Dress

Karimadon at Okada Manila

Karimadon Crop Top & Skirt at Seda Vertis North

Boracay 2019 Summer Looks

Forever 21 Laid Back Top & Pants

H&M Dress

Yukata & Rattan Bag by Crimson Boracay

OOTDs & Aranaz with Highlighter

Michael Kors 2019

Ride or Die Products for 2020

Feb-orites 2020

Neutral Knit Crop Top + Culottes

Shopping with COVID19

OOTD : Boho Cherry Chic

OOTD : Summer Barbie

Bye Plains & Prints!

H&M Philippines Summer Collection

OOTDs At Home


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