All About My Hair

A few weeks ago, I spilled the tea about my hair extensions, synthetic bangs and ponytail from Tokyo Posh. I also mentioned about the first brand of hair extensions I am wearing for years now, the Lynelle hair extensions.

Me without the extensions on

At first, the Keira hair extension is just meant to make my hair thicker for easy styling and to cover my grey hair. I went to Lynelle Makati as suggested by my hairstylist. Ate Krize was there, helpful and ready to teach me how to wear my hair extensions. Choosing my hair color and length became easy because of her. Of course I chose human hair extensions by Keira.

Ate Krize

May I just say that both Tokyo Posh and Lynelle have good sales representative in store but Lynelle’s Facebook and Instagram admin pages are better. πŸ‘

My look wearing my first ever hair extension

Lynelle, owned by Jennifer Sevilla, have a wide variety of wigs, synthetic hairstyles, and hair extensions. I’m amazed! This is like “THE HEAVEN” of hairstylists for there are also clips, training head and other hair/styling products you can ever imagine.

Hair Above (1 color lighter than my real hair)

Hair Below (Ombre Style, I have them in 3 colors)

Eventually, hair styling became an addiction to the point that I’m already buying their ombre hair extension. I love how it looks like whether curled or straight. It’s an extra oomph on any look.

It’s so amazing how hair can change our look from dull to doll and from a bore to a star. Hairstyles make a lot of difference. Look at me before loving hair extensions and hairstyling.

I rest my case

Lately, after having synthetic bangs from Tokyo Posh, I am now mixing Lynelle’s hair extension and Tokyo Posh’s bangs.

It is quite a struggle because the synthetic bangs take up space and is hard to attach together with the hair extensions’ clips. Here’s how I do my usual curly hairstyle :

1. I first attach my hair extensions in the middle of my hair where clips won’t be seen.

Philips Simply SalonCurl

2. Since hot styling tools and styling hair products are okay to use on human hair extensions, I then iron/curl my hair together with the extension. I bought this curling iron for 70% off, can you imagine! But I also have cheaper ones from Amstar around P400 and they are now 3 years old but still work perfectly.

3. Then spray it with Phyto Science USA Phytolaque High-Precision Botanical Finishing Spray. It leaves my hair silky and shiny. Yes it has a very strong hold but it doesnt tangle my hair. It lasts for hours! It has a mild scent that I really love. No more harsh sprays but only small spritz. I’m done. Hair is perfect, extensions are well-clipped.

This spray has acacia honey that’s never stiff or sticky, strengthens and protects hair whilst assuring maximum LONG-LASTING HOLD. Now my hair doesn’t look and feel heavy.. it’s just stronger and silky. I hope I have the patience and time to vlog so I can show you how I style my hair but I dont have anymore. Sigh.

Phyto Finishing Spray

4. Because synthetic bangs aren’t allowed to any heat or styling hair products, I cannot use spray or iron on this specific step anymore. That’s the time I clip on the bangs and secure it on my head. Be careful! You may actually hurt or irritate your scalp if the clips are too tight and in wrong position. Always be gentle with your head and the clips. In that way, you may still use the extensions for a longer time.

5. Mix the synthetic bangs and human hair. Synthetic hair is silky and shiny while human hair is heavier and looks natural. They should be mixed together or hidden with clips to avoid the “fake” look.

Every year, I wash my hair extensions with a hair treatment. I leave them for a day without rinsing. After 24 hours, I wash them and air dry before keeping them in a long box where the extensions don’t have to be folded or deformed. In that way, both my hair and extensions are well-maintained.

My favorite hair treatment is from L’occitane. I love how it makes my hair silky smooth and my mind so relaxed while washing and after rinse. The perfect hair treatment ever! Though it tends to be sticky and leaves some product on your hair, it is very important to only put a minimal amount of treatment and rinse thoroughly.

The only issue I have on using synthetic and human hair is the fact that I have to make sure that the bangs’ clips are well hidden and the bangs’ body is mixed well to my regular hair. Let me compare my look with and without synthetic bangs together with my human hair extensions

The hair WITHOUT synthetic bangs look lighter and more natural.

The hair WITH synthetic bangs looked heavy and fake

I used the same length and Lynelle human hair extension. The only difference is the bangs (my original hair vs synthetic) but the difference is obvious – the top of my head looked thick, as if I’m wearing a wig. You didn’t notice that! Or did you?

My head and hair look naturally small. My face is well-framed without the synthetic bangs on.
Hair and face look extra fluffy with synthetic bangs on.

In the coming weeks, my agenda is to find out how I can style my synthetic bangs and human hair extensions better together.. forever πŸ˜…. So aja! I’m on it now.

I do not have any formal or professional training on hairstyling. All I have are YouTube, determination and passion to learn more. If I can do it.. so can you. Cheers to more pretty moments with the right products. πŸ₯°

All products mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored. Find me on IG, Like me on FB. See ya!

Check out Lynelle Hair for more details : 09178881192

MAKATI – 0923746447

52nd Floor Dela Rosa Square Building,Dela Rosa St. cor Chino Roces Ave

GREENHILLS – 09228966677

2nd Floor Vmall Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan

QUEZON CITY – 09228835412

UG Fl L143 Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave cor Roosevelt Ave

CEBU – 09237469148

Upper Ground Floor 17, J Centre Mall Mandaue

MANILA – 09228966673 LS02 Ground Floor Tutuban Primeblock Mall CM Recto Ave



  1. hello is 6 2clips and 2 3clips are enough for one head? I have really short hair and ive recently bought a individual 2clip Keira Hair Extensions and noticed thats its quite thin (konti ng buhok)


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