Boyish Look Ft Huda & Tarte Cosmetics

Anne’s poses and style from Plains & Prints are quite difficult to copy… until I saw this Zara cap that matches her exact look wearing the same dress.

Plains & Prints Dress
With Marks & Spencer Coat

A good look deserves an awesome makeup as well. Since I’m wearing a cap, I need to pull off a less feminine look and a fierce makeup.

Mango Bracelet

On my eyes, I’m wearing Huda Beauty’s Precious Stones Palette in Sapphire

Bought at Tupped Boutique

I already raved about the formula of this collection when I posted my review of the Emerald stones. The blue hues on this palette aren’t scary to use. It has buttery, matte and glittery colors/formula that actually last long and with no fall out. The color selections are awesome – made to create countless looks that for sure are perfect to wear whether you are aiming for nude, fierce or savage look.

Wearing Kat Von D lipstick

This is another look wearing the blues and greens of the palette. I cannot say anything bad about this palette. Totally one of my favorites in my eyeshadow palette collection.

Tarte Lip Paint in Exposed and Tarte Holographic Lip Gloss

My husband bought this for me at Sephora Australia. It is inside the huge Mer-Makeup vault collection. This is one of my most exciting makeup collections EVER. Thank you hubby!

Wearing Lynelle Hair Extension

I first apply the matte lip paint in Exposed then let it dry. Afterwards, I dab (not swipe) the holographic gloss in the middle of my lips to create an illusion that my lips are full and thick. It exudes sexiness on the lips.

It is not really easy to make a boyish peg and wear a cap for someone like me who is feminine by nature in terms of style. In reality, I can punch like a guy and eat like one ✌ so giving you the “savage” poses are not new to me anymore. 😅 Will you try this look too?

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