The Emerald and Key Lime Makeup Look

This makeup look is made possible by wearing Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette and MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour in Key Lime Trifle. I will also review these makeups on this post.

Accessories by H&M

Green is quite an odd color to put on the eyes. My first training on mixing green eyeshadow colors was when I used MAC Temperature Rising eyeshadow palette back in 2013. That was a pretty intense color combination of green and brown. My love for green hues started with that only green eyeshadow palette I have.

Bought at Tupped Boutique

Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette is one of my dreams come true. It has all the green hues I ever wanted.. and maybe even more. It is complete with matte, glittery and metallic finish. I love that this eyeshadow palette is compact, sturdy and comes with a mirror. I dropped it once and it didn’t break at all.

Hubby surprised me with this Emerald Obsessions Palette when we were at the hospital for days last year. I guess he got so stressed and immediately bought this for me. I’m quite upset though because Sephora sells this for a cheaper price (with points).

Dress by Plains & Prints

I like that the formula is creamy and smooth but at the same time there is no fallout, even the glitters stick perfectly on the skin. I wore this eyeshadow for 15 hours straight and even watched Five Feet Apart. I cried my eyes out but it didn’t smudge or got cakey after.

Huda Beauty’s eyeshadow formula works well whether it is cold or hot here in the Philippines. It doesn’t crack, fallout, cake or transfer. I love that the pigment stays the same all throughout the day, even after crying. (Posted on my IG story) Tarte Cosmetics can’t do that! That’s for a separate review 😅

Mac Key Lime Trifle Oh Sweetie Lipcolour

A few weeks ago, I blogged about MAC Oh Sweetie Wild Berry Frosting, this is its sister. I have to say that they have the exact same packaging and formula, nothing differs but the smell. This one smells like key lime, more like a fruit compared to Wild Berry’s cake-like scent.

Earrings by Forever 21

At first I thought it’s as crazy as the Wild Berry but I love how it looked like golden yellow as soon as it sets. It is not too metallic or as pigmented as Wild Berry, but it is more wearable than the other. It has a sticky thick formula that makes it look like 3D on Wild Berry Frosting, but for this specific color, it looks less iridescent and not at all multi dimensional. But, overall, I love that this is a different hue of green that turns into golden avocado in time. Plus, it hydrates and leaves the lips supple too. It doesn’t leave a stain on the lips but it definitely leaves my lips smoother. More looks to come with these makeups on.

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