The Power of Knowing Your True Colors

Color – when it’s in the right place and paired with the right color, it will complement the overall makeup look! β™₯️ Today we will discuss why colors on the lips and face matter and what works best based on your undertone.

Do you know how important it is to choose the correct concealer shade? This is why when I found my accurate undertone, I immediately looked for a better and lighter shade of foundation AND concealer.

The best concealers cover discolorations, lighten dark areas, disguise blemishes, and work in tandem with your foundation to look flawless and have a perfect skintone.

How to choose the perfect concealer shade for you? Know your undertone first then find your perfect foundation shade. Afterwards, look for the same number of concealer but it should have a warmer undertone. Meaning if your shade is 2 Cool undertone, find a 2 Neutral undertone concealer to cover acne, scars and redness then shade 2 Warm for the dark under eyes or any discoloration.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Cannelle

This is a light shade with peachy undertone. See what I did there? It is a creamy concealer with a matte finish and full coverage. I like that this has a thick texture but definitely cream and smooth, very easy to dab and set. It doesn’t leave a heavy mark nor does it leave a white cast.

No powder or foundation, just the Nars concealer

I love that it has hyaluronic acid and peptides, making my skin plump while it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It has an oil-free formula so it is not at all greasy. It definitely feels silky on the skin but doesn’t look cakey after applying it. A little goes a long way so make sure you dab or blend it evenly.

See the best eye mask I reviewed here

I don’t have dark undereyes anymore but I have big puffy eyes that need to be concealed. The best thing about this concealer is how light it feels without the mess. It’s fool proof. Whether you set it with powder or not, it looks great! This is perfect to use for spot concealing. Staying power is for 6 to 8 hours with foundation and powder and 4 to 6 hours without.

After 4 hours – No filter, with flash. Just a Fenty highlighter stick. No powder or foundation.

I usually use a foundation stick instead of concealers with applicators (I hate it when they get dirty). I can’t imagine I’m back to concealer pots again. I find it easier to use next to sticks. I love everything about it so far! Imagine having a skin-like finish and high-coverage formula that instantly blurs and smooths texture, while concealing dark spots, under-eye circles, redness and breakouts.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

To achieve sexy lips with a lipstick on, it is best to use this Dior Lip Glow Oil. It is a glossy lip oil that protects and enhances the lips, leaving your lips with its natural color. Dior used a Color Reviver Technology that helps Lip Glow Oil react directly to the moisture level in our lips for custom color while making our lips extra juicy and hydrated. The lips are more beautiful, even bare.

I tried both the Lip Glow and this Lip Glow Oil. Both of them have non-sticky, non-greasy oil texture. The only difference is the Lip Glow Oil combines the 2D mirror shine of a gloss with the comfort of an intense lip care. It feels minty at first – leaves the lips hydrated and soothed.

I love that the Lip Glow Oil has cherry oil, formulated to create a protective film against stress factors and drying. It saturates the lips with nutrients and revitalizes the lips with an immediate and lasting effect.

I used it as a lip primer to hydrate my lips a few hours before I put any lipstick on. Because it has a sticky formula, any lipstick will last longer than usual and the best part is it helps prevent lipstick bleeding and transferring. Probably the best lip treatment I’ve ever tried.

Nars Longwear Eyeliner in Sunset Boulevard

Eyeliners help a lot in making our eyes look chinky or bigger. On this look, I used this yellow golden longwear eyeliner to make my eyes look brighter. I love this look but I really hope that Nars didn’t discontinue their old formula because this one is so inconvenient to use : you have to sharpen and reapply it once in awhile for it doesn’t really last THAT long. Not that pigmented either πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Blushes are important. It can either make or break your look. My rule is.. I’d rather have a good color payoff than a subtle blush that’s actually gone in 60 seconds. I already found a blush that lasts for hours but that is not our topic today for we are going to talk about Nars blushes

Nars Unlawful and Oasis

Nars Unlawful is a warm-toned bronzed amber pink. Its color is really nice but I hate that it has a silver shimmer making the blush look like a highlighter. I don’t need ANOTHER SUBTLE HIGHLIGHTER so I’m giving it to my loves Monalisa who is having her birthday next month 😊 Happy birthday bebe! I know she will wear this better than me.

Nars Oasis is way different than Unlawful. It has a champagne pink shade with a bit of glitter but lesser compared to Unlawful. I like that it is very pigmented and can be worn light or heavy depending on your liking. If you’re going to look at the pan you’d think that Unlawful looks nicer than Oasis.. but don’t be fooled! It has a plum undertone so it’s best to mix it with your bronzer well or it will look like a bruise for those who have cool undertone.

Nars is offering tons of freebies and promos at the moment, to know more about their current offers, please contact Ailene at 09953042134

Lipsticks – let us not forget the fact that it can actually make your look extra, perfect or worst!

MAC Date Maker Power Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

It is a medium-dark peach with warm undertone and a satin finish but that doesn’t end there. It feels smooth and thick but not heavy (confusing right?) It is like a liquid powder that turns into a pigmented blurred high-impact matte lipstick. The thing is, despite the pigment and its thick texture, lips feel soft and smooth all day long. It stays for 8 to 10 hours (no food but stays even if you drink water). It doesn’t cake nor bleed but it definitely transfers depending on the lip primer and how you applied it.

This is easy to use for it has an hour glass shaped applicator that hugs the lips to comfortably fill in lines. I apply the lipcolour in the middle of my lips then blur the outer corner using a brush or cottonbuds. Just a heads up though, yes it does feels light and soft while you’re wearing it but afterwards, lips become dry and a bit flaky so better use a lip serum or treatment after use.

Is this kiss proof? Hell yeah! πŸ‘„

Using the same eyeshadow color as reference, I will use 3 more lipstick shades for you to see how lip colours can actually change your look. On my 1st look, I’m wearing a nude lipstick to mute my lips and emphasize my eyes.

Notice that my lips look thicker and my look became bolder

You have no idea how much I do love the formula of this Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. This is Dragon Girl, a bright raspberry red with cool undertone. It’s very pigmented and I want to like it but in every stroke it makes, my lips crack, leaving my lips look patchy. The pencil has a velvety feel everytime I swipe it on my lips but I hate that the color payoff isn’t good enough to stay long or to apply evenly on my lips. It leaves a stain behind and can last up to 4 hours max but I have to let it go because I’m too lazy to sharpen and clean stuff πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Dragon Girl and Dolce Vita

Good thing Dragon Girl has pigment and color.. wait till you see Dolce Vita’s nude shade. It’s supposed to have a dark coral shade like Date Maker but because it feels like satin and it has a sheer coverage, my lips looked so pale and bored. It also feels heavy and waxy with poor color payoff, leaving my lips dry and cakey. πŸ’Έ It stayed for an hour or so.. I didn’t even remember liking it πŸ₯Ί

Subtle at its finest 😬

On to the final look and lipstick from Estee Lauder. You guys already know how much I love this brand and it didn’t disappoint as expected. I love its scent, its simplicity and how hydrating it is on the lips.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Rebellious Rose

A super flattering deep raspberry pink shade that is perfect for everyone to use. This shade is one of the best-selling lipsticks of all time. It has a satin finish with hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips. The perfect shade and formula to wear during summer. There’s pigment but it doesn’t last long and definitely not transfer-proof. Good thing it doesn’t feather at all.

A satin finish can actually make your lips look juicy and healthy when it’s well-hydrated and color is pigmented.

Makeup colors matter! It helps you level-up your game in terms of beauty and fashion. Set yourself apart by knowing what colors look best on you and what brands offer better shades, pigment and formula for your undertone. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I am so interested with that Dior Lip Glow Oil since lipstick for me is life. Anyway, all the products mentioned are so nice and awesome. Thank you Ms. Japs for those beauty tips and for giving us more inspirations! God bless you more!


  2. Reblogged this on Mommy Pangz and commented:
    I am so interested with that Dior Lip Glow Oil since lipstick for me is life. Anyway, all the products mentioned are so nice and awesome. Thank you Ms. Japs for those beauty tips and for giving us more inspirations! God bless you more!


  3. Thank you Ms. Japs sa Nars blush po, I never imagine that I will have blush from that brand because they’ re bit expensive and never in my dreams, thank you for the advance greeting and gift po ngyn pa lang. Overall parang hndi maxdong mgnda un experience nio Ms. Japs sa Nars makeup line and based on what I read, sa Dior mukhng interesting, gnda s lips.


      1. Nku hndi p aq nkagmit ng foundation Ms. Japs n exact tone ko at mdls mbilis mgoily kc hndi k p alm si setting spray or loose powder nun at klngn mdyo madmi or my gmit k tlga kc s pulbo lng madlas gmit k ng png setting pwder, mnsan bb cream at lipstick or liptint go na.


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