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Cushion - using this product is uninteresting and unnecessary for me. See me eat my words in this long and well-explained topic about cushions, undertones and the glass skin technique. Enjoy!

OOTD : Die Beautiful

Have you seen the movie Die Beautiful? Paolo Ballesteros won an award as best actor in this movie.. and I salute him for his acting skills and the way he brought the character into life. This is why I made this blog post.

Organic Skin Care Products for Acne and Acne Scars | Banish Review

After 4 months of hiding.. I finally have the courage to let you know what I've been through these past months. I am now confident whatever my skin condition is. Read more about my acne story here..

5 Reasons to Visit “The Singing Cooks & Waiters”

Bring your family and foreign friends here. They will love everything about it and will appreciate our roots and talents as a Filipino. This restaurant is highly recommended for all you Filipinos out there. Learn more about this restaurant/musical show in one.

Lorenzo’s Way

Their menu (7/10) is not limited. They have a variety of unique and common Filipino dishes to offer. Their desserts look promising too! A restaurant that serves Filipino specialties with a twist.