10 Things I Learned From Georgina

Lately, when I get sleepy and tired at night, I make the movie “You’re My Boss” as my background while working. Why? Aside from the fact that this movie makes me laugh and awake.. I learned many things from Toni Gonzaga’s character in the movie “You’re My Boss.”

Georgina is an extremely driven, smart, but bossy alpha female.

For you to understand a bit about the movie, click here to see the movie’s official trailer. This movie review is long overdue but I love this movie so much to stop myself from writing about it.

I won’t explain further so you will be enticed to watch the movie instead of just depending on what I will write. This article is meant to encourage you to watch it. If you’ve seen it already and missed the lessons I will mention, it’s time to watch and appreciate the movie again. P.S. Expect that I won’t focus much on their love team nor will I talk about Pong’s cute smile and charming look; but I can’t hide the fact that Coco Martin was so good in this movie. He was funny and portrayed his character very well. 😉

Based on her attitude and experience, here are the things I learned from Georgina Lorenzana of You’re My Boss :

1. Batanes is a perfect vacation place. We Filipinos tend to love Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, and now Davao to the point that we forget about the other beautiful places that we still have in the Philippines — we have Batanes (see more about this wonderful place here).

2. It’s okay to use a bag with only one design but in different colors. As long as that bag is THE BAG. Georgina only used one brand of bag but in different colors — of course it’s none other but THE BIRKIN bag.


3. Frustrated in life? If you have all the energy and enthusiasm in life.. but no one else deserves to have that “love..” Work harder. Be more passionate in what you do to see better results. Channel all your energy and excitement to your job.. you’ll definitely benefit from it and it will keep you active instead of being idle and think of many “sad” things.

4. Stand tall. Stop fidgeting. In life, being proud and standing tall will give others more reasons to respect you. If you always act nervous and uneasy, other people will just look down on you and belittle you. Never show your weakness. Instead, magnify your strengths. You should be your first fan. Confidence starts within. It doesn’t matter if you use branded items or not. Confidence begins when you know your value and you know how you should be valued.

5. Do not make anyone wait in vain for your love. There’s a proper time in everything.. but sometimes, waiting too long for someone doesn’t work well. Especially if the person waiting doesn’t have any assurance. Relationships need a label. Despite what others say, I still believe that relationships (just like our valuable things) should also have a label. Label doesn’t just give us assurance and security, it also gives us an opportunity to be more responsible in our actions and decisions in life.

6. A good businessman learns from his mistake. Just like a regular person, everyone should learn from their mistake. But once a businessman admits his mistake, I find it quite unusual because a CEO/boss rarely admits that he has mistaken — that realization will open his eyes to make a change. The first step to change? Know your mistake and learn from it.


7. A vacation doesn’t have to be a place where we forget. It should be a place where we are reminded. Instead of forgetting about the “bad things” during a vacation, a good vacation should make us remember the good things that we always have to bear in mind even after the vacation.

8. Once we start to compromise.. It’s expected that we will compromise again.. and again.. and again! We always think that we sin less compared to others; but we do not see how we bait ourselves to sin more and more each day. One ignored sin can lead to a habitual sin until such time that after all your compromises, you already see yourself chained to that sin.

9. Be on the lookout for all the possibilities to be tempted at work. There will always be a “Mr Najimoto” instance — try to see what you compromise and do just for the advancement in your job. You may gain more for your career but also lose a lot of many things in return.

10. Love your job but remember why you work in the first place. Work hard but for lesser hours so you still have time to enjoy life. We spend too much time working that we forget to live life well. Know what matters most. Enjoy life and always be contented.

As much as I’d love to discuss more about this movie.. I don’t want to give you a spoiler. Try to put yourself in Georgina’s shoes and from her mistakes, learn how to handle stress, heartbreak, and relationships well.


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