Lessons in Life

In life, we have lessons to learn. We need to pass through them to be a better version of ourselves. We need these lessons to be a better person as time goes by. Lessons are considered “learned” when we stop doing the same mistakes we had before. We become stronger in each lesson life teaches us. It doesn’t matter whether we pass or fail our tests in life. As long as we charge it to experience, we can never go wrong in treating our lessons in life as an accessory to beautify our physical, emotional, and spriritual life.

Mission : To teach the best lessons in life and pray to those who might be experiencing the same issues. To encourage, strengthen and value one soul at a time.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

I gathered my own lessons in life. I hope these lessons would help you get through in yours :

Love Your Enemies

Be Filled by God!

Wife Must Submit to Her Husband

Facebook Friend

Authentic Friendship

Note to Parents

Stress Kills

Cross Training

Love your Work

Rest and Be Blessed

Perfect Redeemer

Who should have Full Control Over our Lives?

The Fine Line


The Heart/Hard Truth

Dare to Believe

Lessons from Georgina

Body Shaming

Prevention is BETTER than Cure

Customer Service of Popular Shoe Brands

God’s Princess

What Makes You Happy?


Take Things Slow

Outlook in Life

How to “Hide” Bulges

When I Don’t Fit In

You Are What You Wear

Die Beautiful

Stolen Joy – Trolls Movie

Marriage – Happily Ever After


What Disney’s Aladdin Taught Me

Self Care vs COVID19

Products VS Covid19

How to Shop Online : Homegrown Organics

What to Order amidst COVID19

Productivity Tips while Working From Home

Shop till You Drop with COVID19?

Motivation to Study

10 Ways to NOT have a Happy Marriage


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