Ways to Motivate Yourself While Studying

As a homeschooler for years now, I see my children lose and gain interest in studying. Through that point of view, I was able to learn ways to motivate your self while studying :

1. Focus on your strengths. Focus on the things you can do and where you’re good at instead of magnifying your weaknesses. Try to remember those days when you were foolish and from there compare it to how far you’ve become. Then you’ll find another reason to get back on track.

2. Work on the things you are passionate about. To avoid the feeling of burning out, do things that make you happy. Whether it means having an extra job or picking up a new hobby that will burn the fire within you. Your passion will give you an energy booster and zealousness to excel.

3. Get the needed exposure. Studying could be confined in a class room / online setup, but we tend to forget about exposure. We need to be exposed to activities and people who will motivate us to strive hard and be better. With complacency comes inefficiency which then leads to becoming lax. We need the best exposure to encourage us to reach our full potential and be better in everything we do.

4. Reward yourself. You study because you want to be better in some areas of your life. That is already self-fulfilling at some point. So when you say reward, it should be fun, enjoyable and not a burden. It should be opposite of stress and something worthwhile. Sleep, rest, binge-watch TV, meet with friends, order Starbucks coffee, buy a new beauty product, or register to an online class are rewards that you may have not considered to redeem at this time.

5. Identify what bores you. Is it your teacher? His method of teaching? The lessons that seem to be uninteresting for you? Is it that person you have a crush on but doesn’t like you back? Maybe there’s a bully in class? Identify what makes you bored in class. Know what makes you lose the desire to learn further. You have to be honest at this point or you’ll lose the opportunity to correct it as early as NOW. Then try to find an alternative. Maybe a different schedule, learn a new technique, teach yourself instead, ignore the person who makes you unhappy. Deal with it and move on.

6. Look good. Feel good. Be confident and wear (makeup or clothes) that makes you happy to be in that class. You have to look like the professional version of you, ready for the world. Dress to impress (not other people) but yourself.

7. There are better days ahead. Understand that there will be bad days, we live in an imperfect world – living with imperfect people; but the best part is the rainbow after the rain. Once you acknowledge that problems and trials are part of our lives, you won’t dwell on bad days anymore; but you will always look forward to happier days ahead.

8. Have something to look forward to. Life is tough if you don’t have the right reasons for doing what you do. Like now that there’s pandemic, having something to look forward to makes us sane. Despite the loneliness, hardship and crisis we have to endure everyday, having something to look forward to makes us have a positive outlook in situations that usually look like a dead-end.

9. Talk to others. Have a different take about life. Talk to strangers and know their stories. From there you will know how blessed you are compared to others who can’t study because of financial or health reasons or other hurdles in life. Learning from other people’s experiences make us appreciate our own life. It gives us reasons to make good use of what we have knowing that others aren’t privileged enough to experience school or enjoy life.

10. Remind yourself of the “why’s.” Why are you studying? Why do you want to be good at this skill? Why are you pushing so hard to excel at this craft or profession? Focus on that mission. Be passionate about it and don’t be distracted. Have a recheck of heart as well. Maybe your why’s are not answerable with peace and joy. If this certain path overwhelms you, makes you unhappy and discontented, see if it’s time to realign your priorities – make sure your mind is still where your heart is.

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If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5


  1. I like the quote at the end and also a very strong point about rewards. Most times for students the reward is only the exam results which is too far. A nicer way is to find or create methods to generate a feedback mechanism so that they know where they’re headed. And rewarding the desired outcomes is a beautiful reinforcement of expected approach


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