My Maison Christian Dior Philippines Online Shopping Experience

Shopping online is now a thing.. that is why my love for Dior brought me into new experiences like this one..

It is not a secret that I am a Dior addict. My passion for this brand led me to have a big curiosity about Maison. Since I cannot visit the store at the moment, the only way to try their perfume is by ordering something from them and hope they’d include some samples.

Look for Kath of Dior Aura :


Together with this purchase is a lovely gift, a VANITY KIT that looks just like the Dior Forever Cushion Powder I bought.

Photo Credit : Kath of Dior Aura

Mission accomplished! I bought what I want and I got FREEBIES from Maison Christian Dior SM Aura. Though I honestly miss Dior makeup and skincare samples, I’m glad that this experience went well – from service to packaging until delivery – the whole experience was PERFECTION!

I love their boxes 🥺

Watch out for my detailed REVIEW on my blog and vlog. SOON!

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



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