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Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Relationship is an essential aspect in life. We need to have good relationships with our family, friends and the people around us. We have a lot of questions and concerns regarding relationships. This page is created to try answering these questios. Hope these helps :

Where do Broken Hearts go?

Trust is a BIG WORD!


Wife Must Submit To Her Husband

Facebook Friend

Authentic Friendship

True Love

Note to Parents

Relationships over Career


Ako si Brian

Peace vs Pride

Family’s OOTD Dec 2015

The Heart/Hard Truth

Favorite Cousin/New Friend

Mother’s Day 2016 Poem

Lakas ng Isang Ama V2.0

Relationship Barrier

Family > Career

When I Don’t Fit In

OOTD Ni Nanay

Marriage – Happily Ever After

Marriage Lessons Found in Santa Clarita Diet

10 Ways to NOT have a Happy Marriage

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