OOTD : When I Don’t Fit In Ft MAC & Dior

When I posted these photos a few weeks ago, my followers got a bit crazy and told me why they don’t like my makeup and the overall look. πŸ˜₯ I’m here now writing about the lesson I learned from their comments. Growing up, I don’t like it when people notice a lot of bad things about me. I was very insecure and I had this ugly trait that was making my life miserable — I always want everyone to accept me.. and when I don’t, I try to fit in to their “standards.” 😣

Plains & Prints Twain


This post is for my follower who asked : What to do when I don’t fit in? Β To easily answer the question.. Let me mention 5 instances where we don’t fit in and what to do when it happens :

When I don’t fit in..

1. … to people’s “made-up standards” = who made the “standard” anyway? Read the Bible. Pray harder and ask God for wisdom to know if the “standard” you’re about to fail will make Him happy or frustrated. You have no one else to please but Him.

2. … and people’s hurtful comments affect you = ask yourself, “Why?” Why should I be hurt to something that shouldn’t be my concern anyway? Their comments should just be an “idea” of what they feel about something/someone. Idea could be a fact or just a mere opinion. It shouldn’t bother you at all. If it’s negative and not true, ignore it.

Remember, Β people’s opinion about you doesn’t show who you are.. it reflects who they are.


3. … and I already feel alone because of it. When we don’t fit in, we automatically feel unloved for not meeting someone’s standard. The truth is, there’s no reason to feel alone because someone’s unacceptance to you doesn’t mean you’re not good enough; it means that you just don’t fit in to their world. You’ll know where you fit in next time.

I’d rather be alone than to be surrounded by people who I always have to please for them to like me.

4. … and you lose your confidence because of it. Why lose something for someone who is not even a “BIG LOSS.” The effect of losing someone who doesn’t accept you will be a burden if and only if your value depends on their opinion about you. It should never be that way. Your confidence should be from God who values and loves you so much that you will never feel unloved if you don’t meet others’ standards.

5. … and try to look for other shapes where you’ll feel accepted and loved. One thing I learned about relationships is to never change yourself to fit in to other people’s world. You have your own world and who cares if in that world you can’t bring other people with you. You’ll be happy once you find yourself and the world where you’re good at. Finding where you fit in should never be a struggle. It will just happen and once it does.. you’ll see yourself flying so high you’ll forget about those who tried to bring you down.


When I dont fit in.. I’d rather find God and seek more of Him because only JESUS can fill my “God-shaped” hole.


MAC Kingdom of Sweets
Dior Capital of Light

Before I end my post, let me make a quick review on these 2 products I used on this look. Dior Capital of Light eyeshadow palette isn’t your usual eyeshadow combo. It’s fun to blend and combine these colors that changes depending on the strokes and blend you make. I am just so in love! 😍

The lipstick from MAC looks really odd that people think it’s too pale. For me it looks pale but rich in color and easy to glide on the lips. One of the best nude lipsticks I have.

People make comments about you because they don’t know you or what you do that they’ll just comment out of what they just “know.” Others say things because they know you and the threat you bring to their world.



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