Why I love Sephora PH

I am not a fan of online shopping but Sephora made me addicted to it. Here are my top 10 reasons why I got hooked at Sephora PH Continue reading Why I love Sephora PH

OOTD : Natalie Holter/Biker Vest (2016)

Actually, the wires’ tapes can still be seen on the upper part of my chest. People were looking at them and asking me what happened. That’s something I can’t control anymore. But looking fashionable even in the midst of having a heart test, that is something! Thanks to Plains & Prints for coming up with this design. I hope they’d come up with more clothes that are holter-friendly. Visit http://www.plainsandprints.com to see more. Until next holter monitoring test! Continue reading OOTD : Natalie Holter/Biker Vest (2016)