Unboxing Nars

I remember buying Nars products last February 14 as a Valentine’s gift from my husband. If you don’t know yet — I am a spoiled wife. 😁

Here are the items I bought from Nars :

2015-04-21 23.11.25
My favorite foundation so far. 😊

With the use of Clarins‘ beauty flash balm as a primer, Nars sheer glow foundation is perfect for those who want thin or dual coat application. It is not sticky and it lasts longer than the usual foundation. Yes it may be expensive if we will compare it from other foundations, but we only need a few for a flawless face. 😁

Next is the powder from Nars. It doesn’t have a dry feeling and it moisturizes my skin in every use. I just love the new packaging of this powder and the mere fact that they already have a compact and a refillable powder — that’s great news!

2015-04-21 23.14.17

Since I’ve tried Nars’ eyeliners, I’ve never seen any retractable eyeliner that could match the water and smudge proof ability of Nars (at least for me). It is more expensive than other eyeliners in the market; but Nars still lasts longer than any other eyeliners I’ve tried. Other retractable eyeliners tend to break easily. With other eyeliners, we also have to reapply once in awhile because of the smudge it creates. But with Nars, no need to deal with that. 😍

2015-04-21 23.12.48

Because of these products, I also bought some eyeshadow palettes and a lipstick from them. Here is the sample of the “look” the makeup artist created using Nars makeup.




  1. Thank you! Ohhh! Words cannot explain how much I love it. It’s perfect for our weather here in the Philippines. I fell in love with Laura Mercier before and now I’m more in love with Nars. Try it and let me know what you think about it. Enjoy beautiful!


  2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is amazing! I usually only use BB and CC creams but I find this foundation to work much like them, in the sense that they are not cakey at all! Love that! Plus it’s good coverage! Thanks for the post, love ❀

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  3. Hi beautiful! Thanks for dropping by. I agree that it’s not cakey and it’s perfect for any weather. This foundation is too good to be true but it’s really one of the best foundation ever. It’s actually out of stock in the Philippines now.


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