Villa Del Conte

2015-04-21 23.35.03

We came from Michael Kors when we saw Villa Del Conte right across the shop. The server was giving out free samples and my husband took one and we also tried one and another one and another one… 😆

Choices choices choices
Choices choices choices. See the plates for free taste?

So at first we tried their chocolate with nuts. My husband loved it but I have to pass because of my allergies. Then we tried this fruit flavored chocolates… Wow! This is so creamy and super tasty. It has a unique taste of fruits with a right amount of sweetness. They have BANANA (my favorite), blueberry, watermelon, orange, mint and many more. They have a promo for this pack. So hurry and get one for yourself NOW!

What a cute packaging!

They also have chocolates packed for One Direction fans. 😍 Just one bite and the world will be a happy place again. 😆 Did I exaggerate too much? But seriously, one bite is too much to make you feel full already. It’s the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted this year. 😊 It is now my official favorite chocolate. Ohhhh!

Great idea. Put 1D's faces so fans would buy these.  😁
Great idea. Put 1D’s faces so fans would buy these.
Too cute to eat! 😂

They also offer round chocolates that have a soft creamy filling inside. 😫 *drool* I will try more next time. I would definitely go back here and buy more! 20150419_165638

Try them now!
Try them now!

For more details, please like their Facebook page : Villa Del Conte. Kudos to the helpful server who assisted us and became very patient with all our questions. She is so nice that we’re going back there not just for their sweet chocolates but because of their sweet staff as well. Keep it up!


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