Hibernate in Dolcelatte

Hibernate means to rest or escape in a specific period of time. I work a lot during the weekdays and I tend to look for a place where I can “hibernate” during weekends. I had a blast from my last visit in Dolcelatte. I believe most of my readers are already familiar with it. Though Dolcelatte wasn’t really my favorite hangout place before, I have to go back there and give it another try.

Our first visit
Our first visit

We came in earlier so we would experience how it is to eat around their “busy” hour. We were surprised how busy the place is during that time. It was so full that there were only 2 available tables left. We are thankful to their manager and servers who assisted us that day.

For the first time, we were able to eat inside. You will appreciate the interior once you go in. The lighting is so perfect for “hibernating.” 😪 The room temperature is too cold and best for our season now. I even have to wear my kimono as proof that it’s too cold already.

Forgive the eyebags. I wasn’t able to get enough sleep last week.

Our chairs are really comfortable and we enjoyed looking at the mirrors once in awhile. Vain alert! 😆 My toddler enjoyed playing there. He doesn’t want small spaces that’s why when we went to Lugang Cafe, we didn’t get their table at the back. We always need space because both me and my toddler have claustrophobia. 😷 This cafe isn’t too spacious but it’s not too narrow as well. 🙌


What did we have? Hmmm.. We had a very big lunch at Crowne Plaza before heading to Dolcelatte so we want to eat light snacks only. We ordered seafood pasta. It has the right amount of seafood, veggies and spaghetti. It’s actually better than the first one we had and I love the fact that the pasta is al dente and the shrimps are well cooked too. I enjoyed how their bell peppers, seafoods and mushrooms gave a unique texture in it. I also like their gesture of giving us cheese and pepper this time. The only comment I have is that their bread that comes with the pasta doesn’t have too much butter. Though their bread is really toasted; I believe that even in breads, taste matter too. 👌 This pasta is not on their menu but they welcomed my request of making their seafood marinara an olive oil based seafood pasta instead. Nice right? 😊 Hats off to their chef! 👏

Try their original Seafood Marinara

My husband also ordered a salad…. 20150426_160416

and a black forest cheese cake. It’s the same black forest cake but with an additional twist of combining it in a cheesecake. It is so perfect that you’ll forget about the other cheesecakes you’ve tried. It is not sweet compared to other black forest cakes out there. I love how tasty this is without the guilt of having a tonsillitis after eating.

20150426_160431 They actually have a wide variety of cakes and pastries.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.


I suggest to order a whole cake instead of the slices. It is cheaper especially if you plan to order as a group.
I suggest to order a whole cake instead of slices. It is cheaper especially if you plan to order as a group.

This is their Valrhona Crunch. Once you taste this, you’ll forget about the other chocolate cakes you’ve tasted. It is not too sweet just like their other cakes. It is their premium cake actually. If you don’t like nuts, it is still okay because nuts are only on the side of the cake and you can actually remove it if you prefer to eat it without nuts.

I love their dessert plates. So classy! ❤
I love their dessert plates. So classy! ❤

If you don’t want this, there’s another cake for you which is actually a good one too. This is their Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake. Now drool! 😥

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Wipe mouth. Now these : croughnuts. The best croughnuts we’ve tried so far. They have discounts during night time so always watch out for it. 


Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

One of the highlights of my meal is their iced coffee. I am not allowed to drink coffee anymore and that is actually one of the reasons why we were jumping from one coffee shop to another. We were trying to look for a coffee that won’t make my heart palpitate. I already tried a loooot of coffee and even decaf, but my heart rate still runs fast. 💞💔 But this coffee is unexpectedly great! I am quite surprised that I never had any palpitation after drinking it. It tastes good that you won’t even feel that you actually drank coffee. The best thing about it is though it didn’t make me palpitate, it still made me awake. The effect of good coffee but without the bad effect of having a heart palpitation. It is perfect for those who have tachycardia or for busy people who need to be awake but doesn’t want to feel like shaking afterwards. ☕🍵 Kampay!


If you think you already have a lot of choices from Dolcelatte, think again. There’s more. They also have bolognese.


Their pizza is crispy and delicious! 😋

All-Meat Pizza
All-Meat Pizza

They still offer more and I’ll be back to try them all. On my list : ribs and other selection of their main courses. This I have to try SOON! 

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Since it’s already summer.. It’s time to beat the heat with their fruit shakes. Tempting! 😰


Now we know that Dolcelatte offers a wide variety of main courses, coffee, fruit shakes, pasta, salad, pizza, sandwiches, croughnuts and even cakes.

What else should we know?

They have restroom inside! A clean and good smelling restroom. I just love staying in a restaurant with a restroom inside. It’s like they’re shouting “We are complete here!” Right? Oh! By the way, watch out for their cute signs inside. 😅

Dolcelatte have another branch in QC. Their lounge is too posh. It’s indeed the perfect place for hibernation. 😍

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Their QC branch is even perfect for meetings, special events and so much more.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Who wouldn’t want to have a meeting here? Great food, more choices, classy ambiance and comfy chairs. You will never feel the pressure of that day’s meeting. 😏

But wait, there’s more. Dolcelatte couldn’t be too perfect right? Wrong! They have an option to set-up a private date for you and your loved one. This is great for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even The Proposal!

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Contact them now! You can’t go wrong with Dolcelatte. ☺

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

I guess the perfect phrase to describe Dolcelatte is “great customer service.” They listen to their customers’ suggestions and do something about it and they will even see to it that it’ll never happen again. We are grateful to Dolcelatte Operations Manager, Glenn and SM Fashion Hall’s Branch Manager for taking good care of us when we visited. I also want to mention how groomed and courteous our server was. He is one of the best servers there. Dolcelatte is blessed to have attentive servers. We were observing them and we can see how they attentively take orders and they were even nice to take photos of their customers. Great job Dolcelatte!

With Glenn and their Duty Manager

We stayed there for hours and we can say that after eating in Dolcelatte, we definitely hibernated. 😪 There’s even more time to shop afterwards.

This time we get to see and experience Dolcelatte at its finest. The cold temperature inside changed our whole experience. It is a place fit for all ages. They actually have different types of customers : families, friends and even businessmen eat here.

For this experience, a rate of 9/10 will give them a room for adding more food choices for kids and maybe.. just maybe a Filipino cuisine next time? 😉

What are you waiting for? Relax and start hibernating in Dolcelatte! 😄

For more details and promos, please like Dolcelatte‘s Facebook fan page. 👍



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