New Desserts in Tony Roma’s

For this experience, we will give them a 9/10. We always have the best days of our life whenever we visit Tony Roma's --- it's just that lately, we had some issues in our take-out orders. I hope this issue has been addressed already and it won't happen again. Until next time Tony Roma's!

Hibernate in Dolcelatte

We stayed there for hours and we can say that after eating in Dolcelatte, we definitely hibernated. 😪 This time we get to see and experience Dolcelatte at its finest. The cold temperature inside their cafe changed our whole experience.

Happy in Dolcelatte

Dolcelatte is a gourmet restaurant and bakeshop you can't ignore. Their place is big and spacious with high ceilings. There are a lot of things going on in their menu so it's up to you to choose. 😁