Celebrating Mother’s Day in Dolcelatte

We didn’t enjoy our Mother’s Day lunch in Lugang Cafe so we went to Dolcelatte after our bonding time in the Bowling Center. Here are some photos we had :

My Cousins
My Cousin and Her Husband, My Brother and His Girlfriend, Me and my Husband with our Kids 😊
I just love this cute photo of me and my mom.
I just love this cute photo of me and my mom.
Flowers from my cousin
Flowers from my brother
Flowers from my brother
Flowers from my cousin Thea
Flowers from my cousin T
The Gang
The Gang

After bonding in the bowling center, we went to DolcelatteΒ for dinner. We ordered the same food we ordered before :

Chocolate Truffle Cake
Valrhona Cake
Valrhona Cake

We tried something new as well :

Try this chocolate drink and you’ll forget all your worries in life. 😊
Salmon 😌
Salmon 😌

This is my friend’s order. He’s a salmon fan. He loved it so far. We’ll order this next time.

Baked Pasta with Truffle Oil
Baked Pasta with Truffle Oil

This is my favorite pasta from them. Wow!!! It is cooked just right with the cutest al dente pasta, cheese all over my plate and crispy bacon. This is definitely one of my favorite dishes from Dolcelatte. Yum! πŸ‘Œ

received_10207175894064303 Me and my friend didn’t see each other for almost a year so we had a loooong chat. We forgot to take photos of our pizza and the other desserts we had. πŸ˜…

Now let’s go to Dolcelatte’s TREAT for MOMS. Dolcelatte really knows the value of MOMS by giving us this great treat!

If you didn’t avail this treat, boooooo! πŸ˜‚ This is the best deal we’ve seen for MOTHER’S DAY so far. For every 2 orders of main dishes, 1 mom will have a free dish : either set 1 or 2. We both chose Set 1.

Italian Steak Skewer

What I love about their serving is the full cup of rice they serve. It’s really a big serving! It already comes with a salad and the skewer comes with mushrooms too. It is tasty and the gravy helped in making it even tastier. But if you’ll ask me, it needs a bit of spice. Then again, it’s still perfect!

Caesar Salad

This is the usual salad my husband orders. Unfortunately, my friend saw a tiny hair on it. I hope Dolcelatte will just be careful next time. 😊

Pistachio Cake
Pistachio Berry Cake

This is a refreshing cake. The sweetness of the strawberry complements the crunch that the pistachio gives. The icing on top and the filling in the middle made the cake extra special. Now that’s a treat! Not just a key chain from an expensive fine dining restaurant. πŸ˜‚ I love their idea of opening the sliding door again. It’s just cute! πŸ˜…

I also want to compliment the staff who accommodated us that day. My son had a little accident. He bumped in one of Dolcelatte’s tables and they hurriedly gave us an ice pack without us asking for it. They are just nice. I think visiting Dolcelatte will become a habit in the future. I believe I already found a 2nd home in Megamall. πŸ˜™

20150510_222024 Recommending Dolcelatte to my family and friends isn’t a waste of time. Making a review about them will never be a hard task. I am happy to always say that you can never go wrong with Dolcelatte. I also want to grab this opportunity to say thank you to my friends A and J for joining us in this lovely Mother’s Day dinner and for saving our almost disappointing Mother’s Day celebration. 😘

Until next time, Dolcelatte. πŸ™Œ A rate of 9/10 will give them more time to add food in their menu. I know that time will come that Dolcelatte will give us a hard time in choosing and scanning over their menu because they already have too many to offer. Dolcelatte is still the clean, cold, and perfect place to hang-out… but now I can officially say that Dolcelatte is also one of the best places where customers can celebrate special occasions. It has warm people who are willing to assist you all the way. πŸ‘ for Dolcelatte and their staff.

πŸ‘ their Facebook page for more details, promos and prizes : Dolcelatte


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