Pringles Party Speakers

We were so excited when we saw this promo in the supermarket. We hurriedly went online and ordered it. The speaker is free but the shipment needs to be paid through Paypal. Then after a week, we bought another set of Pringles and ordered another batch of speakers online. We were very excited to get our speakers.

We waited and called Pringles to ask the reason why it’s taking them so long to send it. They said that they will deliver it within the week. But they didn’t! We called them after a week but nobody’s answering whenever we call. We decided to file a complaint.

This week, we called DTI’s FTEB Department # 7510384 ext 2223 to report about the incident. They were nice, accommodating, informative, polite and prompt. For a change, we experienced support from a government agency.

Here’s the process in solving our issue :

1. We called and filed a report

2. They emailed us and asked for the details and the proof of payment and purchase. That is why it’s best to keep online receipts/transactions.

3. After a day, we received an email about a 2-day mediation between us and PnG. They also copied Procter and Gamble in the email. We asked DTI about the mediation. They said that they will represent in behalf of us but PnG needs a lawyer to answer the case. DTI also assured us that mediation doesn’t normally take place anymore because the company usually gives the customer what he needs.

4. A few hours after reading the email, we already received a call from PnG that they will send us the speakers in 24 hours. We asked them why they weren’t answering our calls. They didn’t answer.

5. The next day the speakers arrived and we emailed DTI to cancel the mediation. Here are the 4 speakers we ordered.


We paid Php 76 per speaker because the customer needs to shoulder the delivery fee using a Paypal account. It is working well and you need the Pringles container to make it as a sound booster.

To those who are having problems in getting their Pringles Party Speakers, please do what we did and file a report now. If you have any other problems that are related in trade and industry, please don’t hesitate to call DTI. They are like a big call center now and they are very prompt in replying and addressing our concerns. I hope that our government will continue to do things right. Great job DTI!


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