Nine West Philippines

My husband decided to buy shoes from Nine West as a Mother’s Day present for me. Let me tell you my experience.


Nine West Megamall branch has been my husband’s usual place to go to whenever he wants to buy me a bag. Though we also visit their Galleria branch to look for shoes, we tend to buy in their Megamall and Glorietta branch instead. We attempted to buy from Galleria a lot of times; but whenever we visit, it’s very frustrating to see their sad faces. We always felt like we’re a burden to their staff whenever we visit them. From the tone of their voice to their sad faces, they have the look that will make customers feel unwelcome and intimidated. They are not helpful and once they assist you, they’ll still make you feel uncomfortable. 😡 So I always end up not buying anything from them.

Note : If you happen to experience this as well, please talk to their manager and report it. 😤

A few weeks ago, I bought my mom a bag from Nine West as a Mother’s Day gift and I was able to fit some shoes for myself as well.


I tried to convince my mom to try other designs but she preferred buying this instead. She actually tried and checked a lot of bags in different brands. It took us 3 hours and ended up still choosing Nine West. 😆


While my mom was checking on the bags, my husband asked me to fit some shoes. I was able to choose one. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy it because I prioritized Clarks and I’m still arguing with my husband on what color I should get.


Last week, we went back to Nine West to finally buy the shoes that my husband wants for me. We were surprised to find out that they are offering a promo of choosing either a 15% discount or a free umbrella until May 31, 2015. Isn’t it a great deal? Well, I took the discount instead. 😉

Here's the FREE umbrella. You'll be the judge which one to choose. P.S. I saw the umbrella got broken right in front of us when their staff opened it.
Here’s the FREE umbrella. You’ll be the judge on which one to choose. P.S. I saw the umbrella got broken right in front of us when their staff opened it. 😝

The shoes are actually a good buy because the first time I saw this, they said that they wouldn’t have a discount soon. But because I waited and reviewed about it first, I was able to save a thousand bucks. 👍


Unfortunately, I saw a flaw from the shoes that my husband picked for me. The strap of the shoes are already folded on each holes which makes the strap look very old. I asked their staff if the shoes are new and they said yes. But I doubt it! Because ALL the holes are folded already. I only used 1 hole while fitting and that is actually the last hole; so if it is really a new stock, the folded strap must be on the last hole of the strap; but it has a fold everywhere which means it has been tried by others with bigger sizes before. I asked for another stock instead. 😕

The saleslady named Joanna attempted to look for another one in their stockroom but she went back and told me that they don’t have any stock for the color I want. I was surprised because I called a few days ago and their saleslady named Marisse told me that there are still 2 stocks left for the shoe size and color that I need; but after a few days, it’s gone! 😰


I tried to convince my husband if it’s ok to just get another color : black or orange. As long as I’ll get a new stock. But my husband doesn’t like any color but “nude.” I was waiting for them to tell me that they will just get the size and color I want from another branch then I’ll just go back to get the new stock. But nobody extended help. 😧


The salesladies were able to convince me to take the “used” stock when they told me that it’s really meant for the strap to be folded and look that way. We were already late for lunch so I just said yes and bought the item with the idea that having that kind of strap is normal.


Their bags are cute and they look sturdy too. You just have to check thoroughly on the quality of each bag.


Ohhh by the way.. When my mom bought her bag, they said that they “might” not give any discount anymore; but after weeks, they still have both the bag and the discount. 😅


They also have some shoes where you can use 2 available discounts. A regular 25% discount and the 15% discount until May 31, 2015. So it’s a total of 40% discount already. I tried these discounted shoes but (ohhhh boy!!!) they’re really uncomfortable and these shoes looked very old. You also have to settle with their “display” stocks. So no way Josè! ✋


I spoke to one of their managers and told them about my Galleria branch incident. Me and my husband were busy chatting with him that we weren’t able to see the box inside the paperbag. They were all smiles and they were really friendly and accommodating but there was a big surprise when we went home…


The shoe box is old, crumpled and folded too. It looked ugly even when you compare it from my CHEAPEST shoe box from a LOCAL BRAND. It is all the more frustrating when I checked my other shoes with the same design as what I bought. I checked my own shoes and I saw that their straps are still ok and way better than the straps of my new shoes from Nine West. They said it’s normal to happen; but I checked all my non-leather and original leather shoes and none of them looked like the straps of my “nubuck leather” shoes from Nine West. Actually, when I checked all of them, my new shoes from Nine West looked older even when compared to my oldest shoes from Staccato which is 6 years old. 😣 I was so frustrated. 😒

We talked to Megamall’s manager regarding the issue but it seems like she wants us to go back there so she could see the shoes and we could get the new stock that they will get from another branch. Wow! If they can offer it now that we’re furious, why didn’t they offer it the first time we already noticed that the shoe we got is an old stock. Why do their staff have to lie and tell us that the shoes they gave me are “new.” The manager is actually a nice woman but she wasn’t able to handle our issue well. 😒

We asked help from the Glorietta branch and their manager was such a breezy person to talk to. She told us that she will give us a new stock and she can guarantee that it is NEW. There’s no hanky panky, just pure customer service. Now we are happy. Finally. 🙌


When I saw the new shoes, I am very happy and contented. The shoes are clean and without a flaw. It has only 1 fold – the default fold. I tried it one more time and I began to appreciate how beautiful it is. I realized that their mirrors are not helpful when it comes to fitting shoes. Maybe it’s the size of the mirror or their lighting or the position of their mirrors. But I believe there’s something wrong because I started to appreciate the shoes and see what my husband saw when I tried the shoes here at home. 😄

When I removed my shoes, I checked if the last hole was in fact folded. It was not folded at all! It again proves that the stock they are trying to sell me is very old and has been used by many. Maybe Nine West should also re-train their staff on how to take care of their shoes well. Most of the time they are the ones who put on the shoes to their customers. I’m just saying that maybe the shoes won’t look too old or damaged if the salesladies took care of the shoes very well. 😳

After the incident, me and my husband had an agreement to just buy in Nine West Glorietta branch (boycott Galleria and Megamall) because of the great customer service we had and the quality of the stocks we got.

Tip : Do not buy a regular priced item from them. It is not worth it! Wait for their promo or discount that usually happens on special occasions like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Start of School Month, Christmas, etc.

Please check the stocks you get and make sure to request a new one. I never had a problem getting a new stock of shoes in Staccato, Aldo, Mendrez, Parisian, CMG, or even Clarks. I only had this problem in Nine West, a branded shoe with a poor customer service. Overall, I’m still happy to have the shoes that my husband gave me. 😘 Thank you hubby!



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