T’s Bday Party in Tony Romas. Ft. The Ribvolution Card

Me and my cousin named T are very close. Though we get disconnected once in awhile, we still remained close.

Though we’re finally neighbors, we still don’t see each other often butΒ still managed to communicate almost everyday. This May, there were 2 birthday celebrants : T and her mom. So we planned for a birthday celebration in Tony Roma’s.

The 2 boys on the right side are my children and the baby girl is T’s daughter.

We just want to introduce them to one of the closest restaurants in our hearts. Here are the food we had :


The usual ceasar salad with an option to have toppings like calamari rings. πŸ˜‹

2015-05-21 03.37.49

The blockbuster calamari rings that everybody loves. Especially the sauce. Ohhhh yum!!! πŸ˜‹


The all-star cast of ribs have become everybody’s favorite! Congrats! πŸ‘ Their fries are still cooked right and the serving is perfect! Our only comment is why the corns tasted different this time. It lost its usual sweetness and softness. For once I can probably say that the corn wasn’t that good. But hey! That’s not the only food we ordered. Their fragrant / yellow rice and baked potato are top-notch. Nothing can beat Tony Roma’s when it comes to these 2 dishes.

Everything is perfect in this “Ocean Feast,” but the corn had a problem here as well. It is not THE corn I was raving about. I wonder why. 😟 The sad thing is almost all of us love corns and we all know the difference of a good and bad corn. This definitely didn’t pass our standards. 😧

2015-05-21 05.37.51

This pasta have a different issue as well. Before ordering, I asked our server if it’s possible for us to make the seafood marinara an olive oil based pasta instead of using the usual tomato sauce. I was not supposed to order it but the server went back to me and said, “olive oil based nga po talaga yun.” I was quite surprised and asked, “So can you make it an olive oil based instead?” She said, “opo ganon daw po talaga yun.” After hearing that, case dismissed. I ordered a large serving of the seafood marinara that I thought will be changed into an olive oil based pasta. When they put the usual seafood marinara (tomato based) on our table, I was disappointed. I want to talk to the server again but my husband said not to do it anymore because it happened last year as well.

Last December 2014, I also requested for it to be olive oil based but they really can’t do it since it’s really meant to be tomato based. I don’t want to make a big deal out of the miscommunication that me and the nice server had, so I let it pass. The only problem is even though it is tomato based, it looked and tasted dry. It didn’t live up to my expectations nor my past experience with this pasta. I remembered eating it last year and told my husband that I will order it again. And this is just my 2nd time, but I got frustrated. πŸ˜₯

This was last year’s “regular” pasta for you to compare how better the sauce and how larger the serving was if compared to my recent order of a supposed to be a “larger” serving. The bowl from last year was deeper compared to the flat plate they used to serve the dried pasta recently. Nobody touched the pasta. We are a family who loves to cook and knows what good food is. T worked as an assistant chef before and her husband R is also a good cook. Nobody dared to touch the pasta that didn’t look good. 😦 I was very frustrated.

To put us in a better mood, here are the highlights of the celebration :

Me and my niece
mommy T, baby S, and daddy R
a cute photo of the happy family
a cute photo of the happy family

Though we got frustrated with some of Tony Roma’s food, the best thing about them is the excellent customer service they rendered. We never have to askΒ for anything we need. It was automatically given to us. From refilling our glasses of water to our needed utensils and even to the extent of giving us an electric fan. I want to sincerely thank Ms Marian and the whole staff who assisted us that day. All of them were very nice, kind, and helpful. They all went an extra mile just to make us feel welcome once again. Everybody made sure that me and my whole family will have a good time.

2015-05-21 04.52.27

They even sang a birthday song for my cousin T. She enjoyed the complimentary brownies too.

Thank you to the assistant manager and staff who made the surprise for her and sang the birthday song.

2015-05-21 04.59.43

T and R eating in Tony Roma's (TR)
T and R eating in Tony Roma’s (TR)

I know my cousin loves sweets so we ordered one of Tony Roma’s specialty, the “Chocolate Avalanche”


After eating the desserts, she already said that it seems like they will go back to Tony Roma’s even without us. When she said that, I know that our main intention of celebrating in Tony Roma’s became successful.


This has been my go signal to introduce the Ribvolution Card.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

We had a lot of offers from different restaurants to buy a discount card from them but we never bought one. We consider Tony Roma’s Ribvolution card as a cheap yet valuable discount card. You have to pay 1000 bucks for the card and automatically receive a FREE half slab of ribs worth Php 685. You’ll even have a 20% discount from your total bill. Nice right? Now this is what discount card means.

2015-05-21 02.01.35

This is an example of the coupons you’ll get when you purchase their discount card. It will expire a year after you purchase it. You will also receive a 30% discount on your birth month. It is important that you bring your card AND your chosen voucher whenever you eat in Tony Roma’s or you won’t be able to avail any freebie or discount at all. The better news is you can use this as many times as you want in a day. For example you eat around lunch time and used the voucher with a free burger, you can still go back around dinner time and use another voucher. As long as you visited in a different time, both lunch and dinner will still have a 20% discount and you can even use 2 different vouchers in a day. Isn’t it amazing? Even when all your vouchers are used up, you can still use the card (as long as it’s not yet expired) for discounts… or maybe avail another card (with a new expiration date and another set of vouchers) for more freebies? πŸ˜…

This is the perfect time to maximize your chance to dine in Tony Roma’s with a budget-friendly price. πŸ‘

The free half slab that you can avail once you purchase the card.
The free half slab that you can avail once you purchase the card.

The overall experience will have an 8/10 rate because we need to deduct points for the corn and pasta issue.

Also, Ayala needs to do something about their centralized aircon that affected Tony Roma’s room temperature as well. It was too hot inside that I had a lot of heat rashes all over my body after eating there. The problem with the insects and flies got even worse that we need to change tables once in awhile to stay away from the flies that were flying over our tables. πŸ˜• It is a good thing that their customer service was out of this world and too excellent for us to really focus on the bad things. We are grateful and still consider Tony Roma’s as our 2nd home… always! πŸ˜„

For more details about the card or if you have plans to have a special event in Tony Roma’s, please call and look for Ms Marian : 7571925. Their Facebook page have a lot of things in store for you. πŸ‘Β Tony Roma’sΒ for more updates.



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