The Farm Organics

We have been eating at The Farm Organics for a year now but I didn’t think of blogging about them until now. Not because they’re not good, but because they are so good – we usually start to dig in and forget to take photos as soon as they serve our food. And I feel so selfish for not letting you guys know about them. They deserve to be known and acknowledged!

Our usual meal and foodporn at least once or 2x a month!

Our favorites are the fries, seafood rice and baby back ribs (I’m a fan of grilled food). This is the best baby back ribs next to Tony Roma’s. 3rd and 4th placer are RUB Ribs and Thai Bbq (it replaced the old Tony Roma’s Makati location).

Grabe! Ang laki ko pa dito. This was taken last May. The weighing scale may not move an inch but my body’s measurement moved an inch or more naman. πŸ˜… Nagexplain dito πŸ˜†

The Farm Organics serves only local and certified organic grass-fed beef straight from their farm in Masbate, as well as other meal options for the health-conscious.

I’m not that health conscious, but ever since I tried their beef – I craved for it! I already know the difference between the organic and commercial beef – that’s what makes them different! After trying out their meats, you won’t like the regular ones anymore. The taste and price aren’t sacrificed just because they have healthier options, if you know what I mean. 🀀

One of the reasons why I hesitated blogging about them is because their ambiance isn’t really my favorite. The tables are too close from one another, there are times that there are mosquitoes/bugs, and I’m not comfortable eating here most of the time because of the conversations I hear and stares I get from other customers nearby. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰.

The table is too close to my tummy (haha!) I can’t breathe and the chairs are not that comfortable either. Most of the couches are too low and they are already ripped (I’m scared that it might tear my outfit πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ). As soon as I see that the couch is ripped, we just go outside the restaurant and ignore the stares of the passersby while eating. 😩

Ambiance : 8/10

Bacon : 10/10 – less fat, not salty! Hindi putok batok!

My boys love bacon, especially kuya. Their bacon isn’t salty and yet it remains meaty and crispy. Best part – your wallet and heart won’t feel bad after having this meal.

Shrimp Salpicao : 10/10

I love their java rice here so I asked if it’s possible to order separately, so they offered me to “upgrade” my rice to java instead. That’s how nice they are! Both their beef and shrimp salpicao are really tasty with garlic and olive oil. What I love about them is how consistent they are – they always cook almost everything the right way.

Their staff are all friendly and smiling. They are genuinely helpful and courteous. No need to ask them to refill our glasses of water. They are snappy and always ready to help even before we ask.

Customer Service : 10/10

Burger Steak : 9/10

My husband loves this so much. For someone who’s not a fan of grilled food, this really means a lot. Again, there’s no contest about the beef; the superstar here is the gravy. I deducted 1 point for the cold and bland side dish. I love corn, it shouldn’t taste this way.

P.S. Most of their meals come with a free side dish (you can choose if you want fries, veggies, egg, mashed potato, etc) or rice.

Value for Money : 10/10

New! Beef Spareribs : 8/10

I mentioned that I love their baby back ribs so much so when I saw this new item on the menu, I ordered it immediately. It is kinda pricey for its size if compared to the baby back ribs I order and the fat portion of each slab.

Basta kasi may taba, tapon na agad sa akin yun. Nagkataon na maraming taba yung part na ito so I’d rather order the baby back ribs for a couple of bucks more huwag lang may itapon.

If you’re more after the fat or meat and protein, order this instead. I deducted 2 points because this meat isn’t as tender and tasty as the baby back ribs I usually order.

On the other hand, I love the thick fries included in this meal! Not oily or salty and well-made.

New! Buttermilk Fried Chicken : 10/10

The chicken’s part and serving are worthy of its price. I love that I can actually smell and taste the mix of butter and milk. The chicken isn’t oily but well-cooked and really crispy. The taste is really there, not your usual salty fried chicken.

Pasta : 7/10 (Photo Credits to THE FARM ORGANICS FACEBOOK PAGE)

I love the generous serving of this dish. I deducted 1 point for the overcooked shrimps and pasta, 1 point for lack of taste and color, and another point for the pasta’s poor “soggy” quality. I believe this isn’t their forte but I know they can improve more.

I requested a couple of months ago for them to add food on their menu.. and they did which means they listen so I know that the pasta dishes still have some room for improvement.

Ice Blended Coffee : 10/10

I always request for a coffee frappe with banana and chocolate syrup. They always make it possible. I have no complain!

A few weeks ago, we talked to Aji and he reinvented this drink. He added nuts instead of putting chocolate to lessen the sugar then doubled the coffee shots. Great job Aji! It was really good – I wasn’t able to take a photo of it AGAIN. So this drink isn’t the one he made but just one of our favorite drinks on the menu.

Fruit Shakes & Desserts : 10/10

If you leave their restaurant without trying their fruit shakes and desserts, you’ll miss A LOT! Their fruit shakes’ selection is healthy and really delicious despite the odd ingredients AND the desserts aren’t sweet yet really enticing to have. Yum!

Will I go back? This restaurant is more like our home at PowerPlant Mall so I really hope they are forever consistent and still improve for the better. I made this blog post to encourage and thank them. Kudos you guys!

I guess you’re done drooling by now – it’s time to visit this restaurant at PowerPlant Mall. 😁

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  1. I think the food is really good, as I see on the photo and the smile on.your little boy. Just like you I also love grilled food.
    I know you did enjoy your meal here. Thanks for sharing.


      1. They all look delicious, plus the fact that you reviewed them as 8-10 out of the is really saying something about the dishes. Cheers to Local products and Healthy living πŸ₯°


  2. sasarap naman ng mga foods! organics pa lahat ah! gusto ko yan! im learning to cook healthy foods na din like organice meatballs, pasta and salad, i wanna be healthy as much as possible kasi im a full time mom sa two kids ko, 24 pa nga lng ako pero madami nakong nararamdamang masasakit sa katawan ko huhu

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Isa din talaga sa kino consider ko pag umaalis kami is yun food. Okay lang medyo pricey basta masarap. Kaya lang hindi maiwasan di lahat ng food sa isang establishment ay pare parehong masarap. ❀


  4. Nakakagutom Ms. I! Sarap ubusin lahat lalo na’t organic, na.miss ko tuloy yong sis ko na nasa BDO Negros na sobrang takam din sa backribs! huhuhu uwian na miss ko na sila!


  5. Babe feeling ko never been to PowerPlant Mall ata, hahaha not sure but if I saw the place then I will recognize if been there or not yet, hahaha ganyan ako ka-walang sense of direction feeling ko pa nga iba yung place sa umaga iba rin pag gabi, wahahahah pero with that food and review pede namang sadyain if ever will let you know pag napuntahan na namen ni Dyowa, hehhee


      1. Babe si Dyowa ang health freak di ko pa lang nakukwento sa kanya pero for sure dadayuhin namen itey and will tag you if we do


  6. Yes done drooling Ms. Japs…grbe nagutom aq dun at sa pictures pa lang masarp na tpos organic pa, sobrnf plus point un, lol…d pa naman aq mhilig sa taba.

    Liked by 1 person

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