Planet Grapes

Planet Grapes is an upscale wine shop and restaurant that caters to the next generation of wine lovers in the Philippines. Planet Grapes provides a friendly, easygoing ambiance where anyone can begin their wine discovery journey.

For us who aren’t fans of wine, this restaurant is a perfect chance to eat privately. During lunchtime, we were the only customers here. I remember how hungry we were and craving for something new and delicious to try. Finally!

Until the excitement changed when we started to feel the coldness of their people here – lady manager and server. Imagine, it’s just the 4 of us – 1 table. Their food isn’t the only expensive stuff here – even their smiles are! 😩

Street Food Platter : chorizo de cebu, squid balls, kikiam, kwek kwek and chicken skin

In my defense, though this street food platter is overpriced, it is absolutely DELICIOUS!

I just wanna put it out there : In searching for a good restaurant to visit, never believe the blog posts by sponspored bloggers. Most likely, they are biased and food is sponsored so serving is way different than the real ones they serve to regular customers. It’s so frustrating how different the food’s serving is. 😔

Beef Salpicao Skewer

I know my husband didn’t like it but pretended he did! It was an argument because I know my husband is not a fan of grilled food, I’m the one who likes them. When he heard it was a skewer and not the usual salpicao with a sauce, I checked with him to make sure he understands it correctly.

In all fairness again, the beef is meaty and tender but lacks the real taste of salpicao.

Shrimps with Dried Tomatoes and Chorizo. Garlic bread on the side

When I ordered this, I asked the manager to make the shrimps well done, just like how I request it to other restaurants as well. She coldly told me, “There’s only one way to cook this. No need to make it well-done.” I said, “Yeah, but there are times when it is undercooked and so I just want to make sure it is well-done and not under or overcooked. She was silent. Is it that hard to note for her to still argue with the ONLY customer they have?🤔

Back to the food : it is good in terms of taste and sauce. I just hate the ratio of shrimp and chorizo and how they don’t complement each other. 🤦‍♀️ Can’t they just make the food simple enough?

Beef Shank Caldereta

The beef shank is tender and tasty. They really nailed the caldereta sauce. I just don’t like that the potatoes are not much and the beef shank has a lot of grease and fat. Omg! The stares we got from the server as my son enjoys eating the crispy stuff sprinkled on the shank.

Homemade Potato Chips

Bunso isn’t eating much so early on I asked their manager if it’s possible to make the pasta sweet or if there’s another good option for kids. She coldly said, “No! You can order chicken if you want.” Eventually, I asked their server and found out that they have chips.

Finally! My son is eating more. The chips are made from real potato and with less salt and junk, I assume. If you want healthier and freshly-made potato chips, order here instead.

Mexican Corn

I know that Mexican corn is supposed to be salty and gooey but I don’t like that this corn is not soft and doesn’t have a different taste but just creamy SALT!

Sapin sapin with salted egg sauce

The sapin sapin tastes really good but the egg sauce ruined it all for me. It doesn’t complement the sweetness of the usual sapin sapin we love.

Turon Trilogy

I asked for them to remove the ube and langka for I just want it to be the regular turon we eat. The server was nice enough to ask and the chef approved so I said yes to it and I like it better! Imagine ube and langka in this thing 🤢


This is probably the BEST TIRAMISU I’ve ever tasted. This time, serving is good. Thank you!

The food is really good. The menu has a wide variety and I know they did their best to be “extra” on the food; but the attempt failed – so bad! You’ll look for the ingredients and taste you got used to – especially for a small serving and bad customer service like theirs. You’ll miss home, with that kind of taste, serving and service. Makes you want to think what kind of management they have for them to have this kind of bad service. Yes, I want to emphasize on the poor customer service.

Their food choices are also not healthy with less options. Like I want to order the green mango only. You can’t do that! You can only do that if you order it together with BABOY, BAGOONG & SINGKAMAS. That sucks! 🤮

On the other hand, I appreciate the chefs because I saw how they cooked and prepared the food (they have an open kitchen) as soon as we order. They were fast – food is served fresh and hot; it is just that it doesn’t go well with our taste buds plus the bad customer service doesn’t really add up.

The manager first assisted us. I still remember how she blankly asked for our order and how she can’t even suggest anything. I came from Marie France and so I feel so cold but the manager pretended she didn’t hear when I loudly said, “I’m cold” then shivered. I’d like to ask them to change the aircon temperature but I was hesitant to ask that time. As soon as she took our order, she went upstairs leaving us with this only server.

Their server was there the whole time we ate. The lady server did her best to be nice and swift. I just don’t like that the only thing she does is stare at our table and pretend to watch TV then stare back at us again but doesn’t even notice that our glasses of water need to be refilled. Also, they don’t smile here, even the manager doesn’t. She didn’t even give us paper napkins unless we ask.

Finally, in serving and getting our food, she is effortless so we have to arrange our table on our own and hand her the empty plates ourselves.

Their menu is installed on a tablet that is not easy to zoom or be seen wih those who have eye problems like me – I love electronic menus but I hope it is easy to be seen or at least well-organized. Or maybe a personal touch or suggestion from a kind staff?

I love the whole ambiance of the restaurant – clean and spacious. Aside from that, I don’t have anything memorable to share.

Food – 8

Service – 4

Ambiance – 10

Price Worth – 5

Food Options – 5

Will I go back? As much as possible, I WON’T!

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  1. “I just wanna put it out there: In searching for a good restaurant to eat, never believe the blog posts by sponsored bloggers. Most likely, they are biased and food are sponsored so serving is way different than the real ones they serve to regular customers. It’s so frustrating how different the food size is.”

    You nailed it right there with this statement. The reason for the bigger servings when there are sponsored bloggers is mainly for marketing purposes. Siyempre, you have to tap those influencers and their wide reach on social media if you’re a business owner.

    It’s a pity that the servers there are turning away a potential customer. Ayaw yatang kumita!


    1. And to think kami lang ang tao ah. Before we visited, I was so hesitant bec i noticed that all the blog posts are purely sponsored. When we were about to go in, I became more hesitant bec no ones inside. When we were already inside and we saw their faces.. i knew its not gonna be a good meal. U know why? I value customer service more than food and price worth. Pffft. Their food and smiles are both expensive 😁 this is why i cringe and lack respect for sponsored bloggers who lie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nakaka disappoint naman ang treatment nila. Kapag ganyan ang service hindi Na ako uulit. Kahit masarap pa pagkain, kapag ang service ay cold at walang warmth hay goodbye sila. Never come back.


  2. You are much different from those sponsored blogger Ms. Japs, nanguuto lng mga yun. sa tiramisu lang aq mukhang nasarapan based on what I read and s photos…grbe nman un service nila prng uncomfortable tuly pumnta at kumain s ganyan resto.


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