Dean & DeLuca

Oh wow! It’s been a long time since I posted a restaurant review. Most of my reviews are already posted on my social media pages. If I decide to post it here, chances are, the restaurant is really good!

Crispy and fresh!

One of the reasons why we love this restaurant is because of their crispy, cheesy and freshly-made pizza. The protein-packed pizza is for me and my son, the cold cuts with veggies pizza is for my husband. It smells so gooooooood!

Pumpkin pie

Heavy on the tummy and not salty. It tastes so good – “hindi nakaka-umay.”

Beef Rendang with Kimchi

Beef is tender with a good texture of rice. I don’t like the overall scent though but kimchi is good, as per my husband ๐Ÿ˜…

Their milkshakes, fresh fruit juices and frappes are to die for!

You can customize your drinks and ask if possible. They’re kinda stiff and others aren’t fully knowledgeable about their food on the menu but they are snappy.

Waffle with Bacon

My children’s favorite! The bacon is crispy and the waffles are so fluffy.

Vegan Bowl

I forgot the name of this meal but this is more of a bowl full of veggies and a bit of rice. A healthy meal indeed!

Ginataang Seafood

I don’t like it that much. Sauce isn’t thick and is kinda sweet for me. Only few shrimps inside. Expensive if based on the seafood in it. Nakaka-umay yung dami ng sauce vs the real seafood.

Aglio Olio

I can eat this all day. I eat and finished this plate in 10 minutes! Prawns and pasta are well-cooked, garlic is visible. But, serving isn’t generous nor consistent. I order this everytime we eat here and the serving isn’t consistent.

I’ll give Dean & DeLuca a good 8/10 points deducting 1 point for customer service and another for consistency of serving. The facade and ambiance are awesome – perfect for dates and meetings. We will definitely be back and try out more. Until next time?

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  1. Interesting! Iโ€™ve heard about Dean and DeLuca before (during the initial hype around 4 or 5 years ago) โ€“ and the reviews werenโ€™t that favorable. From how you presented it, looks like the place really straightened up their act. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Mukang Team Kuya and Team Bunso akes with the waffle and bacon, hehehe though bet ko rin yung anything na seafood Dyowa and I is not fond of pizza and pasta eh, hehehe


  3. Thanks for this Japs feeling ko nakapunta n ko dahil sa pag share mo kaso tulo laway ko sa foods haha Pizza lover here sarap sarap


  4. nakakatakam ung pizza madam! omg! pano pa kaya pg ng post ka nang kumakain kayo, nakakagutom na lalo hhahaha, everything looks good!


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