Crimson Boracay At Station Zero

Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay is situated in an exclusive location, uniquely coined as Station Zero.

One of the newest destinations in Boracay, experience the island in a different level of luxury.

Get breathtaking views, 3,000sqm of pristine white sand beach and crystal clear waters with zero distractions.

All rooms are designed with a distinct style and equipped with modern facilities.

Our room is the suite with plunge pool.

Its minimalist design combined with complementing accents of blue give off a relaxed feel, perfectly matching the privacy of your own plunge pool located right outside your bedroom. There are 2 accesses going to the veranda – one from bedroom, the other is at the living room.

Spacious veranda and living room

They have 2 huge TVs with cable access and smart TV screen share option.

You can use the tablet to control lights, aircon, and sheers. You can also set the “DO NOT DISTURB” or “MAKE UP MY ROOM” status of your room through this. Also, there’s a switch near the main door that can also turn on these options.
2 Phones – with Cord & Cordless
They gave us stylish hat and ecobag!

They also gave us a welcome note, COMPLIMENTARY fruits and the first batch of drinks from the fridge. There are also good toiletries from Aum Spa and free coffee from Nespresso.

My most favorite is the yukata – so fasionable. You can’t take this home though, buy it at their gift shop and find good items too!

They have a bidet! I just hope their toilet area is more spacious and their shower area has a mini seat/table where you can sit/put more things.

Their restroom is spacious with a comfy tub and separate toilet and shower area.

Situated in the island’s most exclusive location, STATION ZERO, it boasts a private and undisturbed white sand beach and mystic clear waters.

Naked Rock where nudists hang out before.

Secluded and pristine, it evokes memories of the enchanting Boracay we love and long for.

They also have FREE use of Stand-Up Paddle Board, Kayak and Half-Face Snorkeling Mask. Life guards are actively present everywhere. You won’t see anyone just sitting or chatting – everyone’s serious and though probably bored, they don’t leave their spot.

The sea arrival creates a VIP experience for guests, setting the mood for our stay. The travel was very convenient : airport to a 5-minute travel going to a welcome lounge then a 15-minute boat ride going to the island. It was swift and stress-free!

So cool!

I love that the whole resort is instagrammable and clean! You won’t see insects or termites anywhere. Talk about a well-maintained hotel. Plus, tons of staff scattered all over the resort, consistently greeting us with their cheerful faces and right hand on their chest.

With Genvie
The resort may be huge but you’ll feel safe for there’s an assigned friendly staff for each area
A lot of chairs everywhere
Spacious front beach on this side near Movenpick and Shangri-la
There are 4 pools! All clean and with warm temperature despite the rainy season we were in when we visited

This area is near Saffron Cafe and more private but there are rooms with veranda and balcony. People can just watch you closely while swimming. Best part is the serene view and the fact that you can order fresh juices and food at Saffron.

2 Pools near the beach and Azure beach club. Lucky are the ones who stay at the suites near this pool.

Just look at this view! But, there’s music here. It is more fun and crowded in this area.

The last pool is on the other side of the building with a good view as well. This one is only for the kids. Ugh! The view is just wow!

One of the best things about Crimson is their facilities – both for adults and kids. They made sure that you won’t miss any fun and crave for other stations in Boracay for they have it all.

Gym with Classes
Daily Activities – Crimzone or Front Beach

Look at my son having fun with Pishy ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

But seriously, he waited an hour for this poor thing to appear. I was so worried because it was so hot when it had his parade – all for the kids
The GAME ROOM – Kuya’s “HEAVEN” at Crimson

Game Room – a big dim room full of board games, Play Station & Nintendo game with KTV too. It has enough chairs per area and surprisingly, the room is cold and smells good – despite the need to remove shoes. ๐Ÿ˜…

They have everything you need for fun and entertainment – perfect for all ages (group or individual games).

CRIMZONE – Bunso’s “heaven” – the place for younger kids

It has table and small chairs. Kids just lie down on the floor to watch TV or play. I just don’t like how small the room is – slippers and shoes are in one place and because of the small space, you tend to sit near the shoes/slippers and kinda smell it ๐Ÿคญ

This is where kids’ activities are made and where they watch TV. Toys for toddlers can be found here. There are no decent chairs so you have to sit on bean bag chairs or the floor.

Library and conference room with magazines – but there are mosquitoes inside and no aircon here. This room I believe isn’t 100% ready for anything yet.

Finally, they have the Aum Spa where I found relaxation and the best local spa products in the Philippines.

Crimson Boracay made our stay and anniversary celebration extra-special. I love everything about this hotel – they are very personal in taking care of us and facilities are definitely top-notch. Though there are still some things that they can improve on like customer service consistency, food quality and better facilities, I don’t have anything left to say but “THANK YOU CRIMSON FOR GIVING US AN AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOR COMING UP WITH AN AWESOME RESORT!”

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  1. Maganda talaga sa Boracay. Ang ganda ng mga post ninyo at yung mga ootd magaganda. Gusto ko ring pumunta dyan, maybe someday.


  2. WOW! Ms. Japs the place is really breathtaking, very cozy and what a captivating beauty of Boracayโ€ฆI feel that you and the whole family enjoy in this paradiseโ€ฆyour ootd is perfect in this staycation Ms. Japs.


  3. Thanks Crimson at na-redeem ninyo ang Boracay to Babe and his family, infairness daming freebies and so that hat pala is from the resort itself been eyeing to visit Boracay again now that it is rehabilitated pero syempre in His time. As always, Babe you slayed with all your OOTDs and that yukata pa rin talaga never fails to steal the scene ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. they have everything a vacationist need! andami nila inooffers and super relaxing ng place! hope i can experience it too!


  5. Breathtaking and relaxing. Would love to visit Boracay, esp after the rehabilitation. After all, hardworking moms deserve a rest ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experience Ms Japs!


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