Saffron Cafe at Crimson Boracay

As most of you already know by now, we went to Boracay and enjoyed our stay at Crimson. I already told you how our spa experience was. Now it’s time to dig into more details – food.

One of the things we enjoyed at Crimson Boracay is the food. We have free breakfast everyday at Saffron Cafe. I am not a morning person but for good breakfast, I’ll wake up as early as 6 AM to eat early and change my routine.

Near this fountain is the Saffron Cafe. The whole place is spacious and table spacing is just right – enough to not hear the other table’s conversation. I love how well-lit and vibrant the cafe is. There’s a happy vibe in this place.

Shout out to Yvette who always gives us coffee and Rey who talks to our children EVERYDAY. Kudos to you loves!

I have to say that our stay at Crimson Boracay became extra special because of their staff who always put their hands on their hearts whenever they see us then greet us with a smile. I also love that the treatment is very personal and heartfelt. Their eyes say it all. We look forward to have breakfast everyday to eat and see these people again.

Thanks Jocelyn for making sure that our last breakfast went well. It was our best breakfast! Your smile is contagious.

Ready to drool? 🀀

I already emphasized that breakfast is good but these are the best food you should watch out for during breakfast.

Halo-halo, crinkles and cookies
Dimsum, Siopao and Customized Noodles
Pastries, pizza and cold cuts

My son loves the bread so much! It is so delicious especially when paired with their jams and butter. Ugh!

Beef tapa, longganisa, and tocino

I love the tapa and tocino – not malangsa or oily, kinda crispy and newly cooked. The kids love the bacon!

Sushi, salad station, cereals and oats, fresh juices

The fresh juices aren’t sweet and the kids’ favorite. They have kiwi, mango, orange, watermelon, etc. They also have different kinds of milk for your cereals and oats.

Thank you Yvette for always giving me coffee with a smile. I love it! Didnt give me any palpitation
My son is a picky eater but he eats a lot here.

I also love their fried rice, curry and siomai then the eggs that are made according to your liking. They also have pancakes and waffles that our children really love. Our kids also love the hash brown and champorado.

Now let’s move on to the in-room dining by Saffron Cafe. Every night we order dinner at Saffron Cafe. We were able to order and eat a lot from their menu. Our experience went really well except on that one time when the lady staff who answered our call and took our order did not understand what my order is and doesn’t know what’s on the menu.

It rained that time so I assume that a lot are ordering in-room food and they were very busy. Food arrived longer than usual and our order wasn’t complete. Worst part is, they tend to forget to give us water despite our consistent reminder. I’m thankful to Rey, their manager, for doing his best to correct and give us better service after the mistake. It was the last night of our stay.

But without further ado, here’s our in-room food.

Tiramisu is the bomb! The best tiramisu Ive ever tasted. 🀀
Nasi Goreng

I’m a big fan of nasi goreng and OMG we order this almost every night. There was even a time when I told my husband that I don’t like to eat nasi that night but he ordered and I still ate it anyway. Kakahiya! Bravo chef! The best food I had for in-room.

The nasi goreng’s shrimps are tasty and mild spicy. I love the taste of the chicken barbecue, plain and juicy. I’m just frustrated at first because the staff I asked about the nasi goreng doesn’t know what’s included in it.

Pizza, Tiramisu, Fries, Alla Arrabbiata and Beef Noodle Soup

I love that the fries is newly cooked and serving is just right. The beef noodle soup’s serving is generous and the beef is really tender. Soup is just right and vegetables are fresh and well-cooked. Pizza is just fine but needs to be extra-crispy if possible, tomato sauce and cheese can’t be tasted. The worst food here is the arrabbiata because it’s way too spicy but at least pasta is al dente.

Yang chao rice is yummy and serving is generous too

We also ordered sinigang na salmon and my hubby loves it so much! We also ordered fried chicken but it happens to be very oily but at least crispy. I wasn’t able to take any photo of those food because we were so damn hungry to take photos. πŸ˜…

Galbi with kimchi rice, nasi goreng, bolognese and fresh juices. Kids menu : hotdog sandwich, mac and cheese, berries pavlova, and vanilla creme brulee

Galbi is delicious but we weren’t able to enjoy it because it was served cold and the kimchi rice arrived after an hour. This is why I ate hubby’s nasi goreng. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Bolognese isn’t that special for its price. I think Italian food isn’t their strength. We also ordered tons of fresh orange juice, yum!

Then we took advantage of the kids menu for a cheaper deal. Hotdog sandwich with fries and mac & cheese are okay; but the desserts creme brulee and pavlova are to die for. Saraaaap!

Ice blended coffee with banana, chocolate and peanut butter

After trying this drink at UCC Cafe and getting addicted to it, I can’t stop requesting this wherever I am. It’s like I’m pushing the restaurant’s chef to make this drink better than how UCC did it. UCC stopped offering this drink and so I tend to request it wherever I am up to now. Every night I order it and the taste is just right until the very last night of our stay, the chef did really well. So great that I have to commend the chef that time.

Saffron Cafe and Crimson’s in-room dining through Saffron have promising food and a wide variety of food on their menu.. but their staff need to work on their knowledge about the food they serve and should initiate more in terms of giving water, plate, utensils and tissue. Also, I hope their Italian dishes would be better and tastier plus more Filipino dishes on the menu as well. The start is good, they just have to be more consistent and try harder.

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  1. Grabe! As in nkkagutom ang blog post na itey. True enough! I’m drooling 🀀 lunch hour pa nmn. I’m glad you had a very sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hope you also included price for each food and your room accommodation. Bka sakaling ma afford ni Inday. πŸ˜‚ someday. Asa pa 🀣


  2. whoaah Ms. Japs all the food photos were mouth watering to me, its like I also try it too, well my imagination right now I guess is powerful, maybe because I felt hungry immediately after seeing these yummy dishes. I will definitely forgot to measures the calories I’m eating and just enjoy these kind of food in front of me.


  3. Really love how you candidly pose with the staff which shows that you really had fun there and I am very much happy for you and your family for that experience Babe πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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