House Brew Cafe at The District Boracay

Remember the video I made from Station Zero going to Boracay’s main stations? As mentioned we had a hard time looking for a good airconditioned cafe or restaurant. After a few hours of searching, we found HOUSE BREW CAFE.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

The first thing I have in mind when we went in was “chic and well-lit but not enough space.” Boracay’s main station restaurants actually look like this. I just happen to be frustrated when the restaurant’s space is small and the table’s space from each other is too close. Chairs aren’t comfy either. But, I love how clean the place is. Prolly the cleanest cafe we’ve seen at Boracay’s main station (Starbuck’s is the dirtiest).

So to give you a heads up, we didn’t take photos of ourselves here because it is kinda awkward to take photos and get the space of the other customer’s table. But why did we stay and I am now blogging about it? Because of these.

Plastic-Free Straws

It was scorching hot when we visited the main station at about 2 PM. We were already having asthma attacks and difficulty breathing. The first thing we need is something cold.. and I’m glad we didn’t just get something cold but something GOOD! The coffee frappe tastes so good and with a pretty presentation as well. OMG! I’m telling you for a minute I wanna transfer to District hotel just to have this babe ANYTIME I want it.

A little background : We were supposed to stay here until we saw Crimson Boracay.

One thing I don’t really like about House Brew is that their customer service isn’t that good. Not everyone’s smiling, most of them take a long time before they take our order or refill our glasses with water, they were noisy and talking to each other loudly (making us feel uncomfy) and food takes so long to be served. Good thing food is really amazing and served freshly hot/cold! Their menu offers a wide variety of food (main dishes, meryenda, fresh fruit drinks, coffee/frappe, pastries, desserts, etc)

Fries, Siomai, Nachos, Fresh Lemon Juice

Fries is okay, not oily. Siomai is tender and meaty with yummy sauce! Nachos’ sauces are delectable. But, look at the nacho chips’ quantity.. too few right (12 pcs I believe). I mean for the amount of sauce they gave us and the price? The nacho chips should be at least more than that, right?

We eventually asked to order just the chips but it took them awhile to know if we can and unfortunately, we have to order a whole set with the sauce (same price). So we didn’t order na lang. Actually, everytime we have a request like no ice, non fat milk, etc, staff still needs to ask their chef and it takes a long time for them to know the answer. Even the napkins or water we ask, they give it per piece/person – they don’t initiate on giving everyone what we need. Sadly, most of them are just standing and waiting. I mean we ordered a lot and their price isn’t cheap for them to be stingy on water and napkins, just saying. Their manager was there but she was frowning and looks so tired. I said thank you many times and look at their eyes but they don’t look or reply back.


One of the reasons why I am blogging about this is because of this pasta. It is so tasty, me and my picky son (who hates carbonara) ate and love it! We are lactose intolerant but our tummy didn’t hurt after eating it. The cheese and milk’s taste is not too strong and the pasta is al dente. The taste is unbelievably creamy and not at all salty, just pure mix of cheese, milk and bacon in one.

Beside our table are gelato, cakes and pastries that are tempting us to order. They look so delicious so we ordered one of each.

This ensaymada is so good and soft. Probably one of the best cheese ensaymadas my boys had. Ugh! Hands up to the chef! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

My son ordered gelato, and it was good. Nothing extra-ordinary. We also ordered the OPERA, a chocolate cake layered with different types of chocolate, bread and wafer. I like it, but not that much for me to get a 2nd bite. I gave the cake to my husband instead. The cake isn’t sweet, that’s what I like about it but not that special for me to add more sugar in my body.

Our trip at the main station was just fast but became extra special and worthwhile because of our House Brew Cafe visit at District Hotel Boracay. I guess aside from the food, 2 of the good things they have here are the restroom inside the hotel’s lobby (near the cafe) AND the good-temperature aircondition the House Brew Cafe provided. Because of them, we were able to have a good comfortable break and stop the asthma attacks we were having that time. Thank God for District Boracay!

All brands and products mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.



  1. Buti nalang kahit hindi ganun ka friendly ang mga crew sa house brew cafe bumawi naman sa mga foods na kanilang sini-serve… Pati sa presentation nito, mukhang pak.. Galing ng chef.. Sana lang malaki yun space para maka occupy pa ng maraming customers..


  2. The food you posted from House Brew Cafe look so delicious… I love reading blogs that appreciates food around that makes the trip more fun!


  3. Na-excite ako kasi food tapos matatamis pa pero thanks for the heads-up Babe for this cafe, nawa ay maka-visit kami ni dyowa dyan together since both of us been there nung di pa kami :d 😀 :d


  4. I feel so hungry just by looking at those foods mentioned. I’m also a sucker on coffee. I’m quite acidic so it’s really hard not being able to taste my favorite coffee every morning. Thank you for sharing. More! more!


  5. Customer service is not impressive but from all the food that I saw in your blog Ms. Japs the food is scrumptious…haha my imagination run wild again. My eyes were drooling on the food, I always read your blog on merienda time, that’s why I felt hungry immediately.


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