Crimson Boracay’s Aum Spa & Wellness Center

As most of you know, we went to Boracay a couple of weeks ago and I actually posted some OOTDs and a couple of makeup looks I had back then. Now one by one let me tell you how our vacation went. Let’s start with the Aum Spa experience.

One thing you guys should know is that I am not a fan of “spas.” Well for 1 I am not a fan of sleeping and so I’m so agitated everytime I lie on the bed and I have to force myself to feel relaxed and sleep or rest. I don’t like to be idle. I wanna do something while resting or relaxing. Also, I don’t like to be touched or to feel icky after a massage or to be hurt whenever a bad therapist massages me in a wrong way, I have fibromyalgia by the way. And so in every resort or hotel, the last place where you’ll see me is at THE SPA.

Welcome Lounge

So surprisingly, you see me here. I’m wearing a hat so obviously the intention is not to have a massage but to just take photos, kidding! šŸ˜… I went here to know more about the spa and see what they can offer. I find Crimson Boracay to be absolutely perfect so to be curious and excited about everything is already normal for me.

The first thing I love about this place is the relaxing lights and sounds they have, not to mention the dreamy ambiance and vibe of the whole place. I immediately felt at peace as soon as I stepped in.

They have tons of OUTDOOR SPA treatments to choose from.

  1. Revitalize Your Soul (for arms & neck, shoulder head & scalp, and foot massage).
  2. Traditional Massage (Ingham Foot Massage, Filipino Foot Massage, Filipino Head & Scalp Massage)
  3. Target Area (customized)
  4. Aum Massages (Aroma or Hilot Massage)

Duration is from 15 to 60 minutes that is priced at P 500 ++ to P 1750 ++ (price may change).

Going to the 2nd Floor

In-Room Spa Treatments are as follows :

  1. Aum Massages (Hilot, Aroma, Pre or Post Natal)
  2. Traditional Massages (Foot Reflexology, Dagdagay)
  3. Body Treatments (Pineapple Papaya Tropical Salt Scrub for Rejuvenation, Calamansi Body Scrub for Brightening, After Sun Soothing Wrap for Cooling, and Calamansi Body Wrap for Detoxification)
  4. Facial Treatments (Lift & Glow for Anti-Aging, Gentlemen’s Fitness for Purification)

Massages usually take an hour or more and cost around P2500 above. I got really curious because that time my back was aching so bad after forcing myself to swim (thinking that I’ll be losing more weight if I do so). I want to have a massage but it was our last day and our whole day is already well-planned. I feel so bad to miss it, honestly.

Price ranges from Php 1000 and beyond

Especially when I saw these. I may not be a spa addict but I love creams, lotions and serums. Anything that catches both my nose and eyes’ attention. I tried most of them. I love the calamansi smell, it is so relaxing! I don’t like the smell of the other coconutty products though. What surprises me the most is when I fell in love with the balm. Well I hate smelling any balm (parang pang matanda kasi). So surprisingly, I like their balm.

Why? Because their products are not greasy! Isn’t it amazing? I mean balms (Tiger Balm or Vicks especially) are meant to be sticky and with intense smell, but the Aum Spa’s stress relief balm is nothing like it. It is not greasy but it works really well. It smells like a calamansi menthol without leaving any strong minty scent. It calms my skin, helped me breathe well, made our wounds heal faster, and it relieved my muscle pain. Not kidding! Hubby massaged this on me and we waited for an hour to see if I will feel better.. and I did. This is why I have this baby with me everywhere I go. My son looks for it everytime he has booboo or having a hard time breathing.

Yes para nang matanda na may balm sa bag pero special balm naman ito.

At the Naked Rock

As soon as we paid for the body butter and balms, I applied the body butter on my legs full of rashes and marks. One of the reasons why I’m wearing pants that day is because my body is full of rashes (caused by an allergic reaction to sun, sweat and heat). The body butter works like magic because it is not greasy, it smells so delicious AND soothes my skin as well. It doesn’t just moisturize, it also helps my skin heal from within. I’m so obsessed with it!

Sweet Carol

I have to thank their manager Carol for assisting me. She massaged the balm on my back for just a few seconds and I already feel relieved. I love it when she said that their therapists are DOH-accredited, I need someone like that. I do not trust my body that easy to anyone else, but for Aum Spa, I would. I’ll be back to Crimson Boracay and have a massage next time, I swear. Thank you Carol for the sweet smile, I brought it with me to Manila.. and your warm welcome to me and hubby. I can’t wait to be back and experience the real deal.

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  1. Natawa ako sa may balms or ointment sa bag kasi parang matanda.. Pero honestly, merun ako lage nun sa bag.. Kasi incase umatake ang sakit ng ulo ko, may pampahid agad ako.. Hahaha girl scout! Always ready..


  2. Isa ang spa sa nae-enjoy din namen together ni Dyowa pero yun nga pang syala yung price, hehehe Pero agree medyo awkward din yung sticky feeling after massage pag greasy talaga yung ginamit na materials, hehehe


      1. ako kasi taga-masantol (MASANdal-TULog) sabi nga ng Dyowa ko mukang kaya kong matulog ng nakatayo, hehehe yun lang talaga concern ko sa mga spa yung greasy feeling after though meron naman talagang walang ganun effect o kaya medyo lang


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