My Weight Loss Journey 2020

I've been using #obese and #plussizeph for years and last year I stopped using those hashtags; but after being lax and #feelingerangtaon aba'y mukhang ganon ulit ang hashtag pegs ko this year if I won't start a healthier lifestyle and really commit to it #goodluckJaps

12 Reasons why Fernberry Means Luxury

Do you have dry skin? You need to de-stress and relieve pain? Need a longer and relaxing sleep? Want a better lip treatment? Do you have sensitive skin that needs better luxurious skin care products? Fernberry has all the answers! Read more...

OOTD : Take it Slow

Do you love waiting? Of course not! We all are impatient nowadays. We want everything done in an instant or even faster. But do you know that when you take things slow, you'll have another perspective about life and success? Read on to know more.

OOTD : Aldo Verawet (Wk 13 of CGGS)

This wrap around dress isn't the highlight of my blog post today. This time, I want to feature one of the "sexiest" accessories I ever had --- the Aldo Verawet.