My Weight Loss Journey 2020

As most of you may already know, I lost some weight from nearly 200 lbs to 165 lbs last year. No I am not giving credit to Marie France, 25 lbs of the weight came from my own effort. I only visited Marie France 3x last year. Others might not know this but I go to Marie France for their FMS (cold wrap) treatment which is actually their cheapest offer.

My first day at Marie France for consultation – 195 lbs

Then they gave me a free treatment last 2018 and everything messed up and I became sick for months so I had to lose weight on my own and just go to Marie France for random visits until I finish my paid treatments. No they don’t do refunds despite the very bad experience I had with them.

Whenever I visit Marie France, I make sure I lost a decent amount of weight or else they will bug me with their sales and marketing pitch. Lo and behold, despite losing weight, they still offer me new treatments.
My last visit was around August, my last recorded weight was at 167.2 lbs and now I’m at 177.5 lbs! C’mon Japs! 🀨

Of course the holiday major dilemma kicked in and I’m one of the victims. I am a stress eater so to my surprise I bounced back, from 165 last September to 177.5 at the moment.

The lowest weight I had last year at 165 lbs. Ugh!

But before you go judgy and all, let me remind you what I’ve been through that led me to be irresponsible and careless. #BEKENEMENMEKELESET πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I was at 170 lbs AFTER having chickenpox. My excuse? Im taking meds every 5 hours for a week. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ #LUSOT

September – Both kids had Influenza for 2 weeks. Afterwards, I had chickenpox for another week. November, I changed my pioglitazone schedule from 4x a week to 5x a week. December, walang stress puro lamon. πŸ˜„ January, there’s Taal eruption exactly on the same day as my husband’s birthday. Ashfall at BGC scared the hell out of me. Then now there’s nCov. For me to really be healthy, I eat and sleep MORE.

When I wore this, I was still at 170 to 172 lbs. In a matter of weeks, I managed to gain A LOT because of stress. I felt the difference when I went shopping 2 weeks ago and I DON’T FIT INTO sized-M coats anymore. OMG! 😭 Hit the EMERGENCY BUTTON NOOOOOOOW!

So for the last 2 weeks including the first week of my house arrest, I see myself eating, munching and sleeping AFTERWARDS and OMG I just realized how uncontrollable I became and how I managed to excuse myself by wearing black or something loose and taking pioglitazone for the whole week just to validate my gluttony and bad uncontrollable cravings.

Now here I am. I’m coming clean and trying to be back on track. Lately, I saw this website and company named Nu300Fit. They help you out in planning your daily macros and weekly exercise. Okay, now I hear you. Are you asking, “So Japs, what’s the difference of this company from Marie France and the others you have tried?” Well this time, they will coach and help me choose my meals according to the proper nutrients and balanced diet I need a day instead of depriving myself or do crash diets.

I don’t need to go out of my house to have these treatments or to go to the gym as long as I have the time, commitment and the proper equipments with me. There’s no more shortcuts or expensive “spot” treatments nor do I have to leave the house. All I need is to fill up a survey, send some raw unedited photos of me and my current measurements – that’s it! I’m now waiting for my customized meal and workout plan. Can I do it? Can I commit to it? πŸ₯΄πŸ˜΅πŸ˜± I can’t wait to see my own plan and share (hopefully) my progress with you.

I don’t really see myself doing this but if I can be coached and have my customized plan online without the need of leaving home (#paranoidsacoronavirus ✌) then this is all I need for me to start my commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

I’m also thinking.. should I join their breakthrough program? They offer this 2-day retreat together with other members, their nutritionist and coaches. They usually have it in BGC. Afterwards, there is a 3-month coaching online. To join or not is another story for next time.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. I’m currently having a #MissInfoReminds giveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a #CoffeeBeanAndTeaLeafPH green planner, #MACCosmeticsPH pink hologram glitters and #SephoraPH samples with pouch. More details on my Facebook page and Instagram account. See you there!



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