My Weight Loss Journey 2020

I've been using #obese and #plussizeph for years and last year I stopped using those hashtags; but after being lax and #feelingerangtaon aba'y mukhang ganon ulit ang hashtag pegs ko this year if I won't start a healthier lifestyle and really commit to it #goodluckJaps

OOTD : Die Beautiful

Have you seen the movie Die Beautiful? Paolo Ballesteros won an award as best actor in this movie.. and I salute him for his acting skills and the way he brought the character into life. This is why I made this blog post.

20 Things I Learned from “Inside Out”

Stay happy. Be sad. Get mad. Be disgusted. Be afraid... but first and foremost --- LET JESUS BE THE FIRST VOICE YOU HEAR AND LISTEN TO.. AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW!