All emotions I have inside came out when I watched this movie Die Beautiful. It was weeks ago when I watched it and it took me this long to make a blog post. It affected me so much that I got really depressed for weeks.


When I heard about the reviews of this movie, I was like, “Oh well! Another gay-themed movie!” But no, the movie isn’t just about that.. and this post is about the movie and how I got connected to it in some point – by learning these lessons :

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1. I always tell my husband – If I die, I’d like to change my outfit every other hour so people would remember my OOTDs. We’d always make a joke about it and laugh. To my surprise, the main character in the movie did the same thing. Though the idea is not to show the clothes of the dead but to show and copy different icons’ look everyday. It might be funny to some.. but the idea here is to still look beautiful even in times of death and to showcase someone’s makeup skills even to someone with no life.

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2. There are solicited and unsolicited RAPE. Solicited rape is when you had the chance to avoid and stop the incident but you still allowed someone to. Unsolicited rape is when you don’t want what’s happening and you never had the chance or the capabilities to stop it. It’s funny how other people use the word RAPE as a way to get attention and pity when honestly, it takes years or even decades to say it outloud! Always remember, when you had the chance to be outside that RAPE moment and yet you allowed it to happen, that is still in some point, SOLICITED.

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3. Sometimes BLOOD isn’t STRONGER than WATER. We know family is everything but the reality is.. sometimes, family isn’t JUST blood-related, but the people who accepted and love us JUST THE WAY WE ARE. Why appreciate a dead person when you couldn’t love him when he was alive? Family is not about BLOOD.. it’s about LOVE!

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4. We would love a lot of people.. but believe me, they ain’t gonna love you back in the same way you’ve loved them. Why? Reality is.. most of the time.. the person who loves the most is taken for granted. Why? Because they know that by all means you’ll be there.. not letting go.

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5. To die beautifully is to die with a beautiful life. How do we die a beautiful life? Does it have to be perfect? Do we need to be loved by tons? I believe dying beautifully is to touch many lives from the day you’re born until the very last breath you have. You’ll never know what tomorrow brings.. so live life well and DIE BEAUTIFUL!