OOTD : YOU are your SHOES!

The authors of Journal of Research in Personality says, β€œShoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers.” I agree with these authors for these reasons :

1. Your shoes tell if you’re in or out of your comfort zone.

Plains & Prints Dickinson

We all know that women’s shoes, especially high heels, are usually uncomfortable. Depending on the style, shoes in some point, defines where someone is in terms of her comfort zone.

2. Your shoes tell if your accessories need to be simple or extravagant. Yes ladies, accessories and shoes should match too.

Charming Charlie Earrings
Aldo Verawet Choker

3. Your shoes will give you a hint of what kind and color of bag you need to use. Depending on the comfort of the shoes, you’ll automatically know if your bag should be comfortable or a bit risky. Your bag should be in-sync with your shoes.

Furla Bag

4. Your shoes force you to stand tall and be proud. When you know your shoes is of good quality and with the design you want, it is all the more easy for you to walk proudly. With the help of heels, it is easier to stand taller and look proud.

Plains & Prints Maiden Dress

5. Your shoes tell your stature in life. Whether it is a fact or an opinion, shoes define your stature. In fact, you may change your “look” and what others think about you by just changing your shoes.

MAC Ve Luxe A Trois

On this note, I want to proudly present to you my new found shoes from my favorite brand, Charles & Keith.


I’m sure most of my followers already know the story about my first shoes from Charles & Keith (read here) – the addiction started there. After that, I bought shoes from Melissa and even found my first ever stilettos (since I became a mom) from H&M.


I have a lot of stilettos when I was younger and slimmer; but when I gained a lot of weight and became a busy mom, I stopped wearing stilettos since they turned out to be uncomfortable and scary to use because of my weight. When I found this H&M stilettos and noticed that it is possible for me to walk and be comfortable with the right kind of shoes, I became addicted to stilettos again.. and so the search started.. Checked Aldo, Clarks, 9 West & Staccato, but all of them didn’t make it to my standards. Then I remembered Charles & Keith. Went to Megamall & Eastwood branches and experienced the same “ugly customer service” they have. Then I went to Rockwell & Aura branches – they accommodated me really well. Now I’m officially addicted to Charles & Keith because of these reasons :

1. Rockwell assisted us very well. Outstanding customer service from the branch who looked for the shoes I wanted, gave us new stocks and even educated me about the shoes I asked for. Their shop is clean, well-organized and with a wide variety of bags and shoes. I love that all their branches are well-lit and with tons of mirrors everywhere. For some reason, most of the shoes I want are there at Rockwell with new stocks and all in good condition. Special thanks to Cel, Jane & the rest of the staff for all the help they gave me just to look for the shoes I want.

2. Cel of Rockwell is honest and helpful. I was at hype of my addiction when I visited them and really want to buy all the shoes my eyes would see; but Cel was really nice, patient and honest to give me her opinion, “Comfort is more important than style.” I began to realize that I really don’t need beautiful shoes that I can’t wear because they’re uncomfortable – my priority should always be comfort before style. These were the shoes I wanted. I really like them but they’re all pointed and my “flat-footed” feet made it hard for me to wear them. Cel was really patient and accommodating to assist me while fitting tons of shoes in the shop. She was also nice enough to take care of everything I need for me to get all the shoes I want.Β I love that Charles & Keith staff greets customers personally now and do not leave the customer until he/she is well-taken care of.

Shoes (Php 1800 to 3000 for original leather)

3. Their designs are unbelievably beautiful, classy and sexy. 😍

In the box is a small card that gives a brief info about their brand. I love how classy & unique their designs are. From the shoes to their wallets/bags/purse to their belts & sunglasses – all a decent collection! Your worst problem is to like something and to not have it because it’s unavailable already. They run out of stock too fast that if you want an item, buy it ASAP. I have 2 shoes for 5 months now and they’re still in perfect condition. Good as new!


4. Their shoes are comfortable & perfect for a plus-size like me.

Imagine this stiletto worn by a 180-lb lady? Wow! This is incredible! It has 3.5 inches heels but I was able to comfortably walk wearing it for long hours. I swear, Charles & Keith is a great alternative to expensive brands.


5. Cath of Aura is outstanding! My first shoes from Charles & Keith were from Aura so this branch is expected to be my go-to branch for shoes. Cath helped me a lot in many ways : finding the shoes I want, replacement of shoes, sending me photos of the new stocks they have and even helping me fit. I can see that she’s very busy running around here and there to assist many customers; but all customers were attended to though they were understaffed that day. She isn’t pushy; she understands why I don’t want the shoes and also tells me what’s nice about the shoes I want – she complimented my feet. πŸ˜… I know she feels tired already; but she doesn’t want to show it and still managed to smile. For me, Cath is Charles & Keith’s best manager or actually the best shoe manager I’ve ever met. She is very good that when I asked for men’s shoes, she directed me to Pedro.

Pedro, on the other hand, didn’t disappoint me because Marvin & Jonie assisted us very well. Actually, they were understaffed too; but they showed amazing customer service the whole time we were there – smiling and assisting tons of people. I am a very difficult customer and I asked Marvin a lot of questions; but he answered me patiently with a smile. Because of that, he won our hearts so I bought shoes for hubby and my dad. If Pedro is indeed making quality shoes, we will be a loyal customer (not of Pedro all branches but ONLY Pedro Aura) for sure. This is what I always say – a good customer service will always reap to something even better. Pedro is Charles & Keith’s sister company. Cath will not benefit anything if she would suggest Pedro to us; but because of her suggestion, we’re able to try the branch’s exceptional service.

You see, we’ve been to Pedro Shangri-la a lot of times, but they were too snob and even told us that their leather isn’t authentic that’s why we didn’t bother anymore. Now we know that Pedro is actually selling authentic calf leather and only few synthetic shoes for men’s – we’re sold! I will update you on my review about Pedro soon.


Pedro (Php 1,800 to 5,000)

Whenever I’m outside, there are 3 things that people usually notice from me : bags, clothes & shoes. Because of those things, I automatically become a head turner. πŸ˜… Be a head turner yourself by making your shoes a reflection of who you are. πŸ˜‰

Our shoes will be there in every step we make on our journey. It is very important to choose our shoes well and its brand wisely. Who are you? What kind of shoes do you wear? Comment below and show me a photo of you with your favorite shoes.  😊



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