We were in Shangrila when my husband was babbling about buying a Michael Kors bag. I said, “Ummm… I don’t know. I feel like buying shoes instead.” After a few hours, we saw Clarks and the different photos of ladies wearing their shoes. I got curious. I went inside and this lady, Richelle, assisted me. It is quite impressive on how she assisted me when I was just wearing sandals and I look odd already. No offense but when you shop in Shangri-la and looked poor, it’s automatic that they will either ignore or intimidate you.

Back in Clarks :Β She made me try a lot of their shoes and she assisted me very well. I was actually grateful to her because I was introduced to Clarks, finally. 😍 Unfortunately, I need to leave and stop shoe fitting. She still smiled at me with a certainty that I’ll go back.

Well, I didn’t! πŸ˜‚ I went back to another branch after a week. Unfortunately, I was surprised on how hot it was inside the Megamall branch. We were really uncomfortable. I was thinking, “Who would buy expensive shoes while being tortured inside the store?” I saw people come and then go in a matter of seconds. I even found out that their stocks are different from Shangrila’s… and so I left. The saleslady for sure understands that I won’t go back. With my husband’s determination and spoiling ability, he was able to persuade me to go back to Clarks. I called and asked Richelle to reserve the shoes I want in my size.

Side Note : They only have 1 size per design so I made sure that I will be able to buy one until THE day finally arrived. I brought my kids with me. It’s funny. My toddler was looking for shoes too. πŸ˜†


I read some reviews from Clarks‘ Facebook page that there are a lot of complaints about their kids’ shoes so I didn’t buy them any.

My other boy was just playing around. They’re so behave when I shop. That’s just one of the best things about them.


Shopping here in Clarks Shangri-la is too much fun because of the semi-private experience you’ll have while shopping. πŸ™Œ

So now let’s see their shoes. Here are some samples of the shoes you’ll find there.

Discounted Shoes
Discounted Shoes

I believe these discounted shoes are from last year’s stocks.

New Arrival πŸ˜‰
New Arrivals πŸ˜‰
They have mirrors on each sides which make their store look even bigger.
They have mirrors on each sides which make their store look even bigger.

Their kids and adult section are separated. Kids and adults’ chairs are different as well. They have shoes for men too. πŸ‘


Clarks is a UK brand which means all sizes are in UK. For us Filipinos, it’ll always be +2 from their size. I fit a lot of shoes including this :


I was choosing between 2 shoes but I ended up buying both. Well, what my husband wants, he gets and what he thinks I like, he gives. 😚 Side Note : I love you ga!

Her name is Richelle. Look for her whenever you need assistance in Clarks Shangri-la. She’s now in Megamall.

The Things I love about “my” Clarks shoes :Β 

1. Its pad has a technology that will make your feet feel comfortable. I’m a big lady. This is a very important factor for me.

2. My shoes are made from real calf leather. You can even smell the leather once you wear it. Even their straps are leather made. The sole is hard that you can use this to hit someone. πŸ˜… But it’s light that you’ll forget you’re wearing heels.

3. I never had the chance to escape wedge since I had kids. Wedge are very comfortable but these chunky heels made walking even more comfortable but still fashionable at the same time. I swear you’ll start to fall in love with chunky heels once you try their shoes. 😻 The saleslady even folded the shoe and showed us that the leather didn’t have any scratch and the sole didn’t crack at all. πŸ‘

4. The designs are unique and just perfect for my skin tone. Aside from comfort, the ability to complement your skin color is also a plus.

5. The shoes have a padding and sticks that will keep them in form and the straps in place. Ha! I’m in looooove. 😍 Side Note : Their shoes need a leather cleaner once it gets dirty.

2015-05-04 00.06.56

Well, you gotta love Clarks. We had a great time shopping here. The only disappointment we had was when Richelle said that they can punch more holes to my strap. Unfortunately, she forgot to do it. We were already out of the shop when we realized that she didn’t add holes at all. We went back and to our surprise they do not have a puncher to put additional holes to their straps. Though it’s ok with me, Richelle should’ve been honest or clear when she said thatΒ ClarksΒ have a puncher available. Well for one thing, Clarks should have a puncher to accommodate this kind of request. 😊

Yes I enjoyed my shoes from Clarks. I already wore the peach shoes and I loooove it.

Ohhhh, let me share with you my lessons from this incident. πŸ˜‚ Here they are :

1. Once you find the perfect shoe, don’t let it go. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ 

2. Always take care of your customer. You don’t know who will be your next loyal customer. πŸ’

3. If a certain service is unavailable, be honest and tell your customer the truth.

4. Room temperature is important when you shop especially for shoes, bags and clothes. Clarks is a high-end brand. Customers deserve a decent aircon.

5. Always smile and be knowledgeable of your product. I love the opportunity to be educated whenever I buy a product but I even love the saleslady who knows her company’s products. πŸ‘

6. Follow your husband. He may seem to be “wrong” at first (or most of the time) βœŒπŸ˜… but submitting to him couldΒ be a better world for both of you. πŸ’‘



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