OOTD : H&M Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

Hi everyone! I finally posted something. πŸ˜‚ Β Hurrah! So this OOTD is special because the dress is given to me by my best friend. Since I had dyspepsia, I gained a lot of weight. Only my husband and this best friend of mine know about it. But since this friend knows that it’s already near Christmas, she wants to send something special. She keeps on sending me photos of dresses I know wouldn’t fit me because of my weight gain. But because she’s persistent, she bought this for me.

Plains & Prints Tigerlily with Clarks Shoes

Tigerlily might look very simple, but the intricate details of the upper part of the dress is beautiful and looked very classy indeed.

First of all, the dress has a zipper at the back, which usually doesn’t fit me. For some reason, it did. For weeks, my clothes do not fit me. But because of her efforts in sending me something nice, I am encouraged to be at my best again. I just love her. Thus, I want to make this post extra special by buying new shoes that would match well on this dress. Because of that, I went to H&M to look for the perfect match.


This is my first choice. Ahhhhh!!! So lovely but it can’t be mine. Why? Because I’m flat footed and I can’t walk without straps on my shoes. This shoes will just be forever in my heart. 😍


Then there’s this next option : the booties. I love how light, stylish and comfy the booties are. The laces are sturdy and the shoes look chic yet casual.


This is my dream shoes. Whenever I pass by at the shoes section of H&M and I see this shoes, I say, “I want that shoes if only the heels are chunky and lower.” So I took a photo of it. πŸ˜…

What did I buy? Guess please. πŸ˜‰

Forever 21 Accessories
MAC & Dior Cosmetics

I bought the red one!!! πŸ˜‚ Why?

1. Cheap – For its quality, comfort and style, it is my cheapest shoes so far.. but actually one of my favorites.

2. RedΒ – the shoes’ color is so nice!!!

3. Heels & Comfort – As I mentioned earlier, it is my cheapest shoes and yet my slimmest & highest heels. You would think that for someone weighing 170 lbs, the shoes would be uncomfortable and can’t handle my weight.. but it was able to carry my weight and I was able to walk for hours! In stilettos!!! πŸ€—


4. SexyΒ – I love how people look at the shoes and silently admire ’em. I know how sexy they are on my feet. Compare the 4 shoes I tried on and see what it does to my legs.

5. Perfect Match – I know that it is a perfect match to my red, pink and other dresses. Still chic but really sexy!


Choosing shoes is as important as choosing a friend. Shoes is the “make or break” on your look, in the same way a friend could destroy or help you out. Shoes bring comfort to your feet, friends bring comfort too.. but if you chose a bad one, it could bring you pain. Lastly, shoes are with us in many places, we should choose the best shoes and friends to go with us on our journey.

How about you? What is your favorite holiday dress and the shoes you pair it with?



  1. I love those booties. I have very small feet so shoe shopping has been a struggle for me. That is until I found out Amazon has lots of shoes my size. I bought some really cute pink booties to go with my pink dress for my Las Vegas trip. My Christmas Eve outfit is a red velvet shirt and a velvet rose skirt. I wear black chunky heels shoes with it.

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