OOTD : H&M Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

We all know that shoes work wonders on every woman's OOTD. This time, I wanna prove what it does to change a woman's "almost perfect" look. Featuring different shoes from H&M and a holiday dress from Plains & Prints - on this post, I am gonna show you the importance of choosing the right shoes and a good friend.

OOTD : Embrace Imperfection (Wk 5 of Chubby Girls Get Skinny Project)

Lesson Learned : There's no harm in trying and giving your best. Just don't forget that your priority is what benefits you "the most" and not what benefits you "the quickest."

OOTD : Bairbre Ft Dior Addict

Because of Dior, my love for makeup has been fueled. I was challenged and because of that, I exerted more effort in recreating my look weekly. As much as possible, I want to reinvent new and exciting looks that will come from Dior's unique eyeshadow palettes. I can't wait to try more from Dior! 😊 It's confirmed. I am a DIOR ADDICT!

OOTD : Vanilla Ft Aldo Shoes

I'm featuring Aldo because I'm wearing a black Aldo wedge on this look. Later on, I changed my shoes into flats --- Aldo's Zaitz ballerina flat shoes.

OOTD : Strawberry 🍓

You might think.. hmmm.. strawberries.. now it's time to wear something RED/PINK. Well if you look closely, there's a hint of light blue at the bottom part of the dress. That color gave me a chance to mix 'n match purple-blue-red! Excited? Me too!