MAC Wild Berry Frosting Oh Sweetie Lip Colour

They say, "If a picture paints a thousand words..." I say, "If I can only paint my lips with thousands of lipsticks, I'd buy all the colors from this collection." Follow after me "Lipsticks are for lips, not for noses!" These lippies smell so good, you might have serious cravings after.

Review on Fab Nails

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I wrote something on my blog. I went out of my way to make a detailed post about having fake nails together with its pros and cons. The change I mentioned last Saturday is actually my fake nails by The FAB Nails. This post is not sponsored so you'll read the reality from my experience as usual.

OOTD : MAC X MARIAH CAREY Part 1 Ft. My H&M Booties

Do you love MAC? A fan of Mariah Carey? Then you should have this collection. Why? Because owning these pieces is like remembering every songs she sang and the messages of the videos she made. Featuring my H&M booties and one of the best MAC makeup artists here in Manila. Read more ...

OOTD : H&M Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

We all know that shoes work wonders on every woman's OOTD. This time, I wanna prove what it does to change a woman's "almost perfect" look. Featuring different shoes from H&M and a holiday dress from Plains & Prints - on this post, I am gonna show you the importance of choosing the right shoes and a good friend.

OOTD : What Will Make You Happy?

What makes you happy? On this OOTD post, I will highlight on the deeper meaning of happiness and how to be happy despite of the bad happenings in our world now.

OOTD : Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a crowd-favorite. I am one of those who love her character. I admire her wit, her bubbly attitude and the amazing courage she has for a young age. I always want to be like her.. or at least dress like her in some point. 😅