Pat McGrath – Mthrshp Subversive Metalmorphosis

The eyeshadow palette is described as a seduction of six illicit iconoclassic shades, ranging from glamorously gilty golds to wondrously warm matte neutrals, sparked by the tantalising temptation of a single shimmering bronzed rose.

I’ve thought about buying this eyeshadow palette for MONTHS, because lately I made wrong decisions from buying bad products. Until finally when I have the budget and right reasons to buy this, I did and I immediately swatched and tried it on.

Audrey Bun by Tokyo Posh
Nails by Fab Nails

My first impression as I swatch this eyeshadow is that it is very pigmented, no fall out and economical compared to other palettes I have right now. I noticed that I need less and only 1 swipe for every eye makeup look.

The palette looks like a purse and is very sturdy and heavy. Prolly the most chic palette I’ve ever had. So cute. I’m obsessed with it. But! I won’t repurchase another one from this collection/variant. Why?

1. The colors on the eyeshadow palette don’t look exactly like it when swatched or applied on the eyes. I technically need white, but it is not as powerful as the other colors to blend and make a good look out of it.

2. The purple looks like a dark blue or plum and if not careful, it may look like a bruise. So to make it black, I have to add more and not blend it with the other colors.

3. The eyeshadow isn’t blendable. Most likely because they are all glittery and buttery, not really matte. Yes, there’s no fall-out and it is buildable.. but it doesn’t blend well or easily. It’s hard to make a smokey effect.

4. Nothing special or unique on the eyeshadow colors. To be honest, I already have these same colors somewhere else but just not the same pigment.

5. I’m not too excited with the kind of look I can create with this palette for basing on its color and ability to blend, I find no excitement in using it again aside from the fact that this is a bragging right to have a Pat McGrath.

On the other hand, Im glad that I was able to make a good chinky-eyed look with a subtle fierce on the eyes. It is so pigmented that it is very hard to erase mistakes. I have good news though, it doesn’t cake and it is probably waterproof.

With Ate Agot, after the fountain wet our clothes and hair for over 20 minutes

Me, my fam, plus my sister and brother-in-law went to Okada Manila and watched the dancing fountain. Unfortunately, we got wet for over 20 minutes. We got soaking wet that the kids have to change their clothes. It is so fun and enjoyable and I didn’t get frustrated or anything for my makeup still went well after the “soak.”


My hair and clothes got wet but my makeup didn’t look like it. It stayed well for up to 12 hrs (or prolly more) without caking or falling out. That’s what I love about it. Nothing did it like Pat McGrath and I bow before this eyeshadow palette.

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I bought this palette from Sephora Philippines. All brands mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.



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