MAC Wild Berry Frosting Oh Sweetie Lip Colour

As a makeup enthusiast, I’m into wearing unique lip colours and making different eyeshadow looks, fierce at most times. This is why when hubby saw this lipstick color, he immediately bought it for me. He loves daring me with new and exciting looks and I just enjoy accepting all of ’em. Bring it on!

Bought at Rustan’s

When MAC launched this collection, I happen to not be in the mood for unique and daring colors and so it took me some time to really appreciate and like this. I bought 2 from this collection for these are the only colors left for me to purchase. Can you guess what’s the color of the other one? 🀭

Eyeshadow by Dior

I got sick last month so I hurriedly put on some makeup and decided to wear this lip colour to look strong and fierce though deep inside I’m melting, baby. That time, I have some old brushes used to swipe yellow and blue eyeshadows and it has extra pigments left that are actually good enough for me to put on my eyes. So I swiped and dab the brushes then applied this lipstick on. πŸ’™

Earrings by H&M, Bracelet by Forever 21

I love this lip colour! I’m obsessed with its smell, milky texture that for some reason makes my lips feel minty and soft. I love its spongey applicator and non-drying formula, if I only have tons of lips, I will buy more colors from this collection.

It’s not matte, more like a lightweight mousse in texture then dries up to an opaque metallic hue. Though it smells so good like berry, it doesn’t taste like one. It’s not patchy but very buildable and blendable. It doesn’t go well with other formulas though. It’s perfect to wear as it is. Look how it is during night time. It doesn’t look too loud, it seems to be wearable as it sets.

I love my white shoes by Charles & Keith.

It stayed on for 5 hours but definitely not water or kissproof. It feathers and transfers but doesn’t completely erases the whole lip colour or become patchy after some time. I love everything about it, a lipstick meant for keeps.

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