The Fab Nails – Witchcraft (Matte) Design

Hi everyone! Last week, I blogged and reviewed my very first experience with Fab Nails. This time, let me give you a different take and more details about using fake nails.

If you look closely, inside the package are the black matte nails and colorless double-adhesive tapes. This time, we opted for this instead of the glue.

As I mentioned last week, this specific design has 1 broken nail. Good thing Fab Nails finally replaced them in 2 days and I was able to use it last Saturday.

Accessories by H&M

So how’s the experience this time?

1. Prepping the nails could have been faster if only the nails aren’t too long for me to wear. I took time filing the nails to make it shorter and in shape with the other nails, perfect fit for my small fingers and tiny nails.

I noticed that after growing my nails for at least half an inch, it helped me have a more stable and balanced foundation for my fake nails. I now cut them and will grow them for at least 5 days before wearing fake nails again.

2. Using the double-adhesive tapes made my life super easy. Because of these tapes, it is now faster to wear the nails. It’s also more stable and long-lasting compared to using a glue. It doesn’t hurt when it snaps out of my nail as well. For some reason, I already enjoyed wearing these nails. I ate, texted and used my hands more often for hours wearing these.

I love that the tapes can’t be seen and the nails are just right for my nails. The nails look simple yet natural. Not fake or bitchy at all.

3. There are times when a fake nail just pops out of my finger so I’ll just pull out the extra double-adhesive tapes I bring along with me. Then in seconds, the nail will stick in no time. 2 nails fell off last Saturday. 1 fall out 2x, the other one just once. It doesn’t hurt at all! Making it extra fun for me to wear.

I love that my nails are now clean because adhesive tapes do not leave any mark. Also, the nails look good as new for the tapes don’t get stuck on them. The nails look clean after removing the tapes.

Michael Kors Chain Shoulder Bag

4. The nails are really sturdy and durable.. but I dont think it can last longer than a day.. unless maybe you have a good glue with you. I do appreciate the fact that it can’t damage your clothes or bag for it is flat and really matte, no rough edges at all, at least for this specific matte design.

5. It is quite high maintenance to wear fake nails, especially when it’s BLACK and matte. You need to clean the matte nails and check the nails once in awhile. I actually removed the fake nails before watching a movie for I can’t bear to see these nails get dirty and oily with popcorn and salt stains. πŸ˜…

Fenty Uninvited Stunna Lip Paint

I already have 12 designs of fake nails from the brand. 10 designs left for me to try. I’m not supposed to make a blog post anymore but I feel that you guys should know the importance and difference of what the double-adhesive tapes can make. Technically, Fab Nails made a good decision in sending me these instead of the glue

One thing you guys should watch out is if your bank has international dollar fees. Paypal is considered to be international. Thus, our bank added 1% fee to our total bill. Sigh. Just a heads up for you guys.

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All brands mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.



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