Black is Back – Makeup Review

Hi guys! So earlier today, I made a 2nd review about Fab Nails and on that look, I’m wearing a black-themed look.

Earrings by Stradivarius

I’m not goth.. nor am I a fan.. but technically this look is inspired by Fenty Beauty’s Uninvited Stunna Lip Paint, a carbon black lip paint that is weightless and long-wearing with a soft-matte finish. Its container is a heavy, sleek glass bottle that looks like a nail polish at first impression. The glass container looks very elegant. Its all-black cover is to die for.

The magic doesn’t start with the formula, it starts off with the lip-defining precision wand. The applicator is the best lip wand I’ve ever used so far. I love that it is soft and 1 swipe is enought to cover 1 layer for upper and lower lips. It doesn’t tug. It glides smoothly. Plus, it doesn’t feel thick even after layers of application. Really buildable.

Purchased at Sephora

When I first applied this lip paint, I was shocked by how black it is.. but I’m thinking, “Wow, this is wearable!” For some reason, I can smell something icky like a squid ink. I thought I just imagine things.. but I can really smell it at times (and no that’s not my breath 😅)

Hair by Tokyo Posh

I need another 10 to 15 minutes to add a 2nd layer and make it 2D or thicker in texture. I don’t usually talk while waiting for it to set or dry for it doesn’t really feather or move.. but it does transfer.

The lip paint is indeed thin and very pigmented.. but whenever I talk or press my upper and lower lips, it patches along the outer rim of my lips. It transfers a lot of times to the point that I should bring wet wipes wherever I am. I tend to reswipe some areas everytime I eat, drink or happens to blot my lips. And so I’m just ready for any mess it could bring. Before eating, I suggest that you completely swipe the lipstick off your lips or you’ll see extra stares at your lips looking like you ate a squid adobo. Also, prep your lips well. It MAY cause your lips to dry. Mine didn’t because I prep and prime using my Dior Lip Glow.

I love its pigment and color, I can guarantee that it doesn’t bleed.. but it does transfer and tends to patch so it’s a half and half in terms of rating.. but so far, I’m in looooove.

On this look, I’m wearing a Pat McGrath eyeshadow, the light take on this metallic eyeshadow palette. Also, I would like to give credit to my most favorite highlighter lately, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit.

I love it for its pigment, variation, and glitters. I love the packaging, sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, no product wasted for the palette catches all of the extra pigments on the side. It has 6 colors, yes. But once it sets, all 6 shades just create a a different hue of pink highlighter. No, it really doesn’t look like purple, yellow, orange, white or gold — it looks like pink in different hues. It’s kinda frustrating but it looks good on me so I don’t care anymore. I also love the chunky glitter it has that doesn’t give me acne nor does it cake even during summer. So yay!

So by now it’s pretty obvious that I love highlighters. I’m always on the lookout for the best brushes to use as my highlighter brush. My first attempt was Laura Mercier’s glow powder brush. The brush’s shape is awesome for highlight but it’s best to use for catching powder highlighter. And so I tried using the brush with a regular setting powder, still didn’t work well for it doesn’t really collect all powder. Now, I’m using this Laura synthetic brush with my DiorSkin Nude Air Powder that has a texture as thin as air. This brush is best for blending and use for compact powder for it creates an even texture.

Then lately, I gave in to Real Techniques Setting and Sculpting Brushes. It may be small but lately I’m into good fluffy brushes that really catch a product well and hold it up until application. I don’t want something that takes or stuck a product inside the brush. I want something that really blends and builds product well enough for me to save time and product. They are small but sturdy. Totally defeated my Nars brush that is actually way more expensive than these 2. Happy me!

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