Fenty Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint Review

I am a makeup junkie for 10 years now and I must say that Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint’s formula is truly out of this world! I already have all the red lipsticks other brands have to offer, they are nothing compared to Fenty’s Uncensored.

Bought at Sephora Philippines

Let’s go down memory lane as we see the different looks I’ve made wearing red lipsticks from different brands including THE famous MAC RED, RUBY WOO, RUSSIAN RED, LOVE WEAPON and TRUE LOVE’S KISS.

Ironically, I don’t like red or bold lipstick colors before. I just learned to love it in time after looking at myself in the mirror and seeing how powerful red lips could get.

Last week, I blogged about the Fenty Uninvited lip paint and I already discussed with you the pros and cons of the packaging, formula and its finish. Both Uninvited and Uncensored have the same glass packaging but different in the cap color. Uncensored has a silvery rose gold cap. The formula is just the same as the Uninvited, but the smell is different. I love Uncensored’s smell way better.

Bracelet and Rings by Forever 21

Compared to Uninvited, I wore the Uncensored 5 hours longer – this is why I have more to say this tme. Amongst all the red lipsticks I have, this is the best bloody RED for it is true to its color. It doesn’t change after some time. I like that I still look okay while eating and have this lip paint on compared to my Uninvited’s experience of having a black lip stain spread all over my lips. With Uncensored, it is just like having red lip stain all over your lips without having dry and chapped lips. This formula doesn’t feather but it transfers so I rarely touch it. It even goes to my teeth or on my cheeks when I’m not careful.

At home, I tried kissing my kids 30 times, and to my surprise, my lips turned into a red-painted matte lips. It transferred but after 30 times of kissing them, my lips are still as red as this but it turned out to be powdered matte. This is where I fell in love with the product even more. I guess one thing we could try now is to swipe the lip paint once then blot the lipstick with tissue for a few times until you see your desired matte finish without transfer. 😉

Earrings by Charming Charlie

New tip : Swipe the lip paint once and wait for 3-5 minutes (or until it dries). Do not move or touch your lips. For a more vibrant red, add another swipe and don’t move for another 3-5 minutes again (or until it dries). This guarantees less mistakes and transfer.

Dress by Dorothy Perkins

People say it’s hard to wear red for it is loud and catches attention. Red shows power and confidence. Don’t be afraid to wear something red. For as long as you own this color.. the runway is all yours.

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  1. Proven and tested.Uncensored din nagustuhan ko. Aside sa powerful ng pagkared nya at sobrang perfect for a dramatic look, yung pagkamatte nya di nakacrack ng lips, i mean malambot pa din sa lips habang tumatagal and mabango pa.


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