Tokyo Posh Wrap-Around Ponytail

As most of you know, I got addicted to styling my hair ever since I tried wearing hair extensions. Lynelle Human Hair Extensions was the first brand I use. I still have them up to now. Good as new.

Ombre hair extension by Lynelle

Lately, I got bored again and decided to try Tokyo Posh. Good thing they’ve posted video tutorials on their Instagram page that show and encourage their followers how to use their clip-on synthetic hairstyles in a snap.

My real hair without any extensions on

I got really interested as soon as I saw Ate She tried on this wrap-around ponytail on me.

Ate She in action

It looks really intimidating and scary to use.. but Ate She was accommodating and helpful, she answered all my questions really well.

Photo from Tokyo Posh

All you have to do is tie your hair up with a ponytail of your choice. Afterwards, attach the wrapped ponytail (straight or curly) then pin it to secure. Conceal the wrap using the separate strand of hair by looping it around the base of your ponytail.

At Tokyo Posh Rockwell

There it is! A look made in less than 5 minutes. You may opt to curl your own hair if you are wearing the curly ponytail.

My Real Bangs + Real Human Hair Extensions by Lynelle

I already have grey hair and my bangs tend to be sticky or not stay in place. I decided to have synthetic bangs to cover my grey hair and at the same time stop maintaining my bangs every week.

Fake Bangs with Synthetic Ponytail On

Last week, I finally revealed with you guys that I am already wearing fake bangs on (see here). So from the first look I had wearing just 1 Tokyo Posh ponytail extension, I’m now wearing 2. 1 for the bangs and 1 for the ponytail extension. Thanks to Thelma for assisting me and teaching me how to wear them both.

As you can see, both the wrap for bangs and ponytail aren’t visible. There’s just one difference though.

Dress by Plains & Prints

With just 1 hair extension on, it is possible to make a high ponytail.

With 2 hair extensions on, I can only make a mid-ponytail to cover and give way to my fake bangs.

Shoes by Charles & Keith

I love how bouncy and real this ponytail looks like. I washed it with shampoo and conditioner then leave it dry for a day. I didn’t dry it with a towel, I just let it dry on its own. Up to now, I leave it hanging to avoid deformity and tangling.

Bag by Michael Kors

I now use a wide-tooth comb to maintain the hair’s texture. (Note : never use a detangler). I made a mistake once and used a regular comb plus my fingers to comb the ponytail. Suddenly, it became tangled and a part of it became dry and frizzy. Thelma had to cut it off. I went back to Tokyo Posh to have it fixed.

See the left part of my hair? That’s the broken part.

Don’t forget that human hair products like hair dryers, curling iron, or hair sprays aren’t allowed to use on synthetic hair. It is made of plastic. Though Tokyo Posh offers good-quality synthetic hair, it is still not ideal to be harassed like that. I didn’t use or put anything on this ponytail but a part of it got broken by just merely hand combing it. I suggest to handle it with extra care. Now I comb it before and after use. It never got tangled or deformed for I just hang it on its own — clipped on a hair hanger.

Lipstick by Fenty

Here it is now. Same length and thickness. You won’t see any difference. All good! Nevertheless I’m still grateful to see this brand. I get to style my hair in minutes. It saves my time with less effort in hairstyling. I love everything about it and I will definitely purchase more. Follow them on Facebook too. They give discounts once in awhile.

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All brands mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.


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