My Love For Disney’s Aladdin & MAC

Before reading further, I want to give you a heads up that this post isn’t about me having MAC Disney’s makeup collection, but about 3 things : 1- my look when I watched Aladdin; 2- a short review about MAC’s Aladdin makeup collection (after testing it on counters); and 3-what I love about Aladdin 2019 movie. So if you haven’t watched the Aladdin 2019 movie yet, please STOP NOW.

H&M and Parfois accessories

To commemorate Jasmine’s look, I actually watched the movie looking like this. I’m wearing a Tokyo Posh wrap around ponytail and a braided headband on my head, cutie H&M rings / bracelet (with a touch of Agrabah), exotic Parfois earrings, and my Fab Nails in Classic Maroon Matte.

Dress by Plains & Prints

I waited months for me to look good on this dress. Though this dress “fits” me, it looks horrible on the chest area. I was 175 lbs when we bought it. Now I’m 168.4 lbs (more or less). I have to lose more on the midriff area before I get to wear this better. If you noticed, my arms gained more muscles. The pioglitazone I’m taking is causing me to have more water weight and bigger muscles. Do I pass for a modern Jasmine? 👸

Dress by Plains & Prints

You see, when I was young, me and my brother always watch Aladdin. I know the lines and songs verbatimly, just like Beauty & the Beast. The photo above is how I looked like 2 years ago when Beauty & the Beast was shown here in the Philippines.

Lipstick by MAC

I love both movies because I can relate to Belle being odd and Jasmine’s fierce character. But for the remake, I love Aladdin remake more. Why? Here are my top 6 reasons :

  1. Aladdin came to life. Finally, a remake that has a character of its own. Yes, Aladdin from 1992 is pretty much the same as this year’s character but for him to really come to life as if he came out from the cartoons to re-tell the story — wow! Amazing! I love that finally the actor really sing the songs and dance so well (HOT 🔥).. almost perfect, right? He was able to copy the same cool and chill voice of Aladdin. It’s like you wanna trust him with your whole life. Oh my gosh! I still remember how obsessed I am with Aladdin when I was young. Mena Massoud is humble and so down to earth. I just hope he won’t change for I admire him, not just as Aladdin but as Mena.
  2. I love the NEW Jasmine. Fiercer, stronger and more feminine with confidence. Her style shows an updated classy fashion. She still has the iconic eyes and accessories, plus the regal gowns that are long and have pants inside as well. But this Jasmine is more elegant and chic both in the movie remake and real life.
  3. Genie had a heart. It’s funny that I always cry on the part when Aladdin finally freed Genie. On this remake, my heart melt on this scene again (I sobbed like a baby). When I finally understood the first scene when “Will Smith” was teaching his kids a lesson by telling them a story, my heart just applaused inside. I know they made this Genie more lovable. They showed the good friendship Aladdin and Genie have. Will Smith did well, no need to compare with Robin Williams. I love him even more after this. He just becomes better and better as an artist and actor.
  4. They gave Jafar a background story. His motives, intention and what makes him tick : “2nd best.” His scary character levels up as time goes by. I just missed his song though. 😅
  5. The songs are just the same, with a hint of pop and rap. Plus new songs that will make you jump out of your chair to sing and dance along. I am actually happy to see myself, hubby and the kids sing along.
  6. The lessons are endless.

– It’s not about what’s on the outside that matters.. but what’s on the inside.

– Don’t think bigger is better. What matters most is what it can do.

– If you have nothing, you must act like you own the place.

– Be you, someone will love you just the way you are.

– You will never ever be good enough. There will always be someone better and stronger than you. You’ll have your time but it will come and go.

– The more you have, the more you want. You can have all the riches in the world but no material thing can really make you happy.

– Wait. Everything along the way will tempt you. The best reward is waiting at the end of the journey.

– Be careful what you wish for. You might ask for something you don’t really want all along

– Talk back. Women can lead too. Be fierce and fight for what is right, regardless of what your gender is.

– You don’t need a macho, rich and popular man. Maybe sometimes all you need is someone you are connected with.

– Friends don’t always ask for favors. Real friends help each other out. It’s not just about “What can I get from you today?” but also “How can I help you instead?”

Vegan Eyeshadow Palette by Kat Von D. Soon, I promise I’ll make a detailed review on this palette.
Disney Aladdin Collection

I went to MAC Rockwell to check on the collection. I don’t have plans of buying anything from the collection for I find them common if compared to the wide makeup collection I already have. Everything is good, but I noticed that the eyeshadow formula tends to fall out, especially the duochrome. The matte lipsticks are the same formula, as usual. But again for a makeup enthusiast like me, there’s nothing really special but the packaging. The bronzer and highlighter aren’t too pigmented or blinding enough, at least not for me. They are awesome, especially for new makeup collectors; but for someone like me who almost have every color and finish, I define them as “common.”

Lipglass Swatches

As I get ready to leave, my silly husband asked me to try the lipglasses. Deep inside I was like, “Oh okay let’s try something that might be out of stock by now and I won’t like for sure.” I’m not a fan of lip glosses (unless it’s also a lip treatment/balm), honestly. To my surprise, I just see myself gullible and so happy to see glitters all over my lips. If it’s just not hygienic, I will ask the staff to sell me the sample of the lipglass I want. 😭

MAC X Mariah Carey

See? I’m already set in terms of having a “shiny shimmering splendid” lip glasses and lipsticks.. but I always tend to get a thick gloss formula with subtle shimmer or a metallic lipstick with sheen. But there’s something in this lipglass that made me smile like a kid in Disneyland.. the glitters aren’t subtle, they’re THERE! It’s like a glitter that became a gloss and not the other way around! It is really colorless with a multi-dimensional gold or pink at times. The shimmer and pearls are not big chunks of glitters but actually small pigments that are lightweight and so sparkly. ✨

It’s okay that I missed the Aladdin makeup collection. Arlyne of Rockwell showed me good stuff that I’m about to collect soon from the liquid lip colour collection. Thanks Arlyne!

Bag by Furla

Recreating Jasmine’s overall look is like a dream come true for me.. as much as it is a dream to be alive in this time that this movie is finally recreated. I love everything about the movie, it is so surreal to see MAC come up with an amazing makeup collection and to actually fall in love with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie over and over again.

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  1. True.. Lahat po na sinabi mo madam na lesson learned from the movie are true.. You just have to be yourself, hindi mo kailangan baguhin ang sarili mo para matanggap ka ng ibang tao. Kasi kung totoo mo silang kaibigan tanggap ka nila kung sino ka man..
    And about the look, wow!!! You look more fiercer madam.. But still super gorgeous and pretty..


  2. your looks madam are always in the themed, you always looks fabulous as it’s your style that must be done exactly as you want. D ko pa po napanood ung movie but as you said in the lessons of it, it will give a big impact in my life kasi I want to have more, more things in life but not for me, for my family po. Andami kong wish na material things (sorry for that) but as we got things from my sisters like dresses and shoes, and bags that really looks nice, nasosobrahan na nga kami eh, and I realize pag nakikita ko sila, d ko sila ginagamit, natatambak lng and naiinis na nga ako kasi dumadami na damit ko na d ko naman magamit kasi Im just a full time single mom na nasa bahay lng all day long, bibihira lng occasions na mapuntahan ko kasi i don’t have many friends na mag iinvite sakin 😦 I only have one best friend but she’s too busy na din 😦 ) I’m not rich but I realize i don’t have to, cause important things are yung makakain kami ng mga anak ko and sila mabigyan ko ng maayos na buhay kahit simple lng, we can accept things pero d dapat sobrahan.


    1. Feel kita. At the end of the day dpat masaya ka and buhay. Material things andyan lang yan. Pro ang joy at peace d yan mananakaw 😉


  3. Very well said, Miss Japs. Life lessons from Alladin are impactful. One of those is that we don’t need genies to get what we want in life. We just need to be ourselves and everything will fall into places. Trust the process and we’ll see a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. 🧞‍♂️✨
    Disney’s MAC Alladin makeup collection will grant your wish of becoming princess Jasmine.👑 Sana magkaron ako kahit lipstick lang.😭


  4. We watched the movie over the weekend and my girls wanted to watch it again. I told them that they should watch the animated film too. I love the lead stars and I can feel that they have a humble heart and hope that they will stay that way.

    When it comes to Aladdin collection from MAC I love the packaging but haven’t tried the testers for myself.

    Lovelots ❤
    Gladys M. Vasquez


  5. We have the same favourite Disney movie…rather princes, aside that Emma Watsons played Belle and they dote books too, just like them I love books too, I prefer reading an actual book compare to ebook and I love the way they smell…every pages of the book I read, quite eccentric. Jasmine she knows what she want, just like Belle they both peculiar. Even though I’m still not seeing the new Aladdin movie, but I can still recall the animated one, gush, I feel old. I digest all the lesson from the movie and it affect me during that time and even up to now. Like being not good enough, I always strive and work hard to achieve my goals, since childhood, I know someone is better than me, I should believe that my time is not yet to come, I don’t know what the future holds but hope springs in eternal human breast. I like the colour version of Mac Aladdin, they are more on earth colour, warm, fresh, classic but elegant. So many shades to choose from but the rest like Mariah, they come all nudes and glittery…lol apparently her signature looks.


  6. I stopped reading for a while cause I haven’t watched the movie yet 😅 we’ll be back reading this soonest.


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