My Beauty Staple 2019

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you my beauty staple. I collected questions from you this week and most of you asked for my makeup, perfume and beauty secrets. Since this question is too hard for me to include in my 35 questions post, I made an individual post for you. Let’s start with the products I’m using for years now.

MAC X Patrick Starrr Patrick’s Powder

I attended Patrick Starrr’s event here in Manila. I still remember how friendly he is and how proud he is to be a Filipino. I love the makeup look he made for Maureen Wroblewitz.

Because of him, I eventually had the confidence to wear a crop top

My husband bought everything from the collection. I will make a separate review for the others SOON. Now let’s focus on the powder first. Patrick’s Powder isn’t my first setting powder. To begin with I am actually not a fan of setting powders because it makes me sneeze and I find baking a waste of time and product; but this powder made my life different. It taught me to love setting makeup through powder.

Also, I found a LOT of good finds from SEPHORA PH and I’m here to finally share them with you. Ready?

Remember the Nudestix addiction? It got worse 😜

Poppy Girl

I love Poppy the troll. When I hear her name, I immediately feel happy and so when I found out that Nudestix came up with a blush on shade named Poppy.. all I wanted is to buy one.

Dewy and Natural-Looking

This shade is from the Nudies Bloom, a skin-loving, fresh dewy balm that melts into skin. It is a multi-tasking sheer & bright nude glow for eyes, cheeks and lips. Poppy Girl is created by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary Phillips.

Nudies Bronze Matte in Bondi Bae

Just draw directly on skin, dab softly with fingers or stipple the color using the brush provided. The brush is heaven sent, easy to use and clean. A custom-made in Korea all-over face color that softly kisses the skin with a matte or dewy, lightweight and luxurious formula for a fresh, natural, youthful ‘no-makeup makeup’ look.

It’s pretty obvious by now that I love makeup sticks lately because I prefer lightweight, efficient and easy to use makeups. This is why I bought more makeup sticks, this time from Kat Von D Beauty.

Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter

Easy to use and clean, not messy to use, lightweight and doesn’t cake on the skin. No need for a brush to apply or blend.

These are different compared to Nudestix Magnetic Glimmers. For 1, it is indeed metallic that doesn’t patch. 2, it lasts longer than Nudestix and doesn’t look as dewy as the others. And 3, it isn’t subtle – more on shimmery satin. It can be seen and not meant to be nude like Nudestix.

I already have the Kat Von D Alchemist palette for a year now but I decided to buy the metallic highlighter sticks for convenience and space in my pouch. The only difference they have is the longevity of the liquid highlighter compared to the alchemist palette. Plus, the alchemist palette is more matte.

Highlight EVERYTHING with the Alchemist Holographic Palette. It is buildable, matte and a highlighter in 3D! Kat Von D’s super-special hybrid formula features Double Dimension Technology. This first-of-its-kind formula is packed with 360° refractive pearls, dipped in a prismatic coating, to deliver twice the transforming power.

It also doubles as a shimmer eyeshadow or topcoat. And because the formula is packed with top-quality pearlescent particles, a little goes a long way, even a subtle application delivers major impact!

Each of the 4 shades within the palette catches the light from every angle for a spectrum of luminizing special effects, perfect for strobing cheekbones, eyes, nose, lips, collarbone, and the cupid’s bow, anywhere you want to achieve an extreme iridescent highlight.

It is honestly too scary to use at first, especially the blues and greens.. but the green is perfect for the nose line and the blue is perfect for the eyes.

So you might be thinking, “Hmmmm probably she has enough highlighter sticks now” 😜 Are you kidding me? Of course not!


It is a light pink with peachy gold pearls. It has a natural sheen and a bit of gloss on my skin. It has a buildable to medium coverage that can also be used as a highlighter’s base.

Don’t you dare accuse me of buying it because of its good packaging 😋 I bought it because reviews are good and though this was a risky choice, I am so happy to buy this because amongst all my new and risky purchases this year, this surprised me the most!

The texture is kinda tacky at first but it seems to dry quickly and stay in place for hours! It’s amazing how dewy yet matte my skin looks like everytime I apply this alone or as base. Look at my photos under different lighting.

Now let’s move forward to the most unique product I have this year so far.

Jill Stuart Loose Blush

This loose powder-type single color blush has a soft Puff Stick that creates a matte rosy look.

Lightly tapping the cotton candy-like Puff Stick makes the act of applying the blush look easy, but really stressful. It seems like nothing goes out of the puff but after few strokes, your skin will look like a matte rosy skin, medyo sinampal na rin ang peg! 🤗

Its puff has a cotton candy look but it can easily become out of shape as you swipe it to your face, making the powder harder to apply. The container is round like the candy top of a lollipop with a cute lid like a queen’s glass scepter. In the jar is a half closed side and a delicate sieve on the other side where the lumpy loose powder is sifted and kept.

I hate this messy part. Ugh! It has a perfume-like smell that I really can’t stand and unfortunately, the formula doesn’t last long and tends to be patchy when applied. This product may be innovative but really makes no sense for me. Way to go Jill Stuart! 🙊

Let’s now proceed to my eyes. I’ve been meaning to blog about these eyeshadows that really took my breath away and caused me to give away my most luxurious eyeshadow palettes from Dior. They may be less expensive than Dior, but they are way better in quality.

This look is brought to you by Kat Von D Vegan palette. By now my love for Kat Von D may be that obvious for you to be surprised to see this palette on this post.

Vibrant reds & purples are difficult to find in a 100% vegan formula specifically made for eye use, but Kat Von D Beauty made it happen in this unique palette. They are committed to creating hyper-performance beauty products that are completely free of animal-derived ingredients, and never tested on animals.

Ever since this palette came into my life, I learned to use fingers to dab and swipe colors and create wonderful pigmented eyeshadows that are well blended.

It lasts for hours without caking or the need to reapply. It doesn’t have any fall out. I’m so impressed not just to this palette but also to the whole team Kat Von D who gives nothing but the best for an affordable price.

The shades are very real to its color and unbelievably more pigmented without the use of a makeup brush. You only need a few dab and swipe to get a good color payout. Amazing!

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette
With ring light or yellow light, the palette’s color changes so I had to use low lighting

It has a luxurious gold and cocoa powder-infused eye shadow formula that smells as good as it looks. Yes, it does smell like mocha and chocolate in one. It has a mix of matte and metallic formulas that are created with real gold for an epic high-shine finish.

The palette might look like it’s a toy but it is quite heavy and sturdy. It looks luxurious with a mirror and a decent amount of eyeshadow per color. It doesn’t fall out nor cake as well, pigmented and true to its color. Too Faced amazed me so much this year! Here are the nude and fierce looks I made from this palette.

All shadows feature a soft, velvety texture with full coverage payoff. The entire palette is infused with skin-loving cocoa powder for a decadent chocolate scent. It is now 2 months old and the scent became a bit subtle compared to the first day it arrived when the whole palette smells like chocolate. In time, you will only smell the chocolate when you dip your brush or dab your finger on it.

Last but not the least is the Becca Volcano Goddess

Create an endless range of smoldering eye looks with this limited-edition eyeshadow. The formula provides a silky-smooth color. The molten metallic formula contains a unique blend of vivid pigment and metamorphic pearl that is activated by pressing firmly on the shades and using your fingertips to apply.

The ultra-matte formula features high impact, ultra creamy pigments with superior layering power and blendability. At first, it feels so soft and moist that it seems like it will cake or bleed, but it doesn’t! It even builds really well.

You can make it really dark

Or just light

Each shade is specially formulated and energized with black tourmaline, a natural mineral crystal formed in volcanoes, which has powerful protective and grounding properties. It’s surprising that it doesn’t feel heavy nor sticky on the eyes but it does look and feel heavy yet luxurious on the palette.

Let’s move on to the lip gloss. This Kopari coconut oil lip gloss is smooth and lightweight when applied on the lips. It does make your lips feel soft but it can’t handle colder temperatures or can’t double as a lip primer for matte liquid lipsticks. Plus I can’t take the coconut smell of the gloss. 🙊

Lipstick Porn ❣

A limited-edition lip gloss that delivers a high-gloss, glass-like finish to lips or a subtle sheen.

Remember when I told you from this post that these lip glasses are out of stock? Well hubby found 2 more! 👏 Thanks love!

MAC Diamond in the Rough Lipglass

It is a medium gold with pearl finish, thicker in texture and glitters.

MAC Magic Carpet Ride Lipglass

It is a light pink with pearl finish and less dimension or texture when worn.

Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Santa Monica Blvd

Opens your eyes like a doll and makes it look youthful. I waited years for this to be in stock and I’ll never let go of this long wearing and waterproof eyeliner. Talk about staple eh?

Do you see what I did there?

Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara

Have long and thick lashes without having heavy ones using this waterproof mascara that can also double as an eyeliner for it is water and smudgeproof. I love that it is buildable and yet with a formula that is lightweight by nature.

Now removing the waterproof makeup ain’t hard with the use of Dermalogica Precleanse oil. A makeup remover, cleanser and skincare in one. Do you have a “hard to remove stain” on your clothes caused by makeup? Apply this and see the magic for yourself 😉

Now we are on to my latest scent. I wished and waited for me to have this for 8 months and now hubby finally bought me one. Thank you hubs! My J’adore addiction is almost over because this Tiffany intense replaced it after using Dior for 1 year and 8 months. This Tiffany is 2x as much but same in price.

I love its powdery-floral scent. It has an intense floral-vanilla scent that turns into a musky romantic smell and lasts all day long. Everytime people smell me, they compliment my perfume. The bottle is so elegant and heavy as well. Such an awesome find this year!

L’occitane Repairing Oil

This might sound really odd for you but ever since I religiously put this oil and treat my hair weekly with L’occitane hair mask, my itchy scalp is restored and my hair became silky soft. Super relaxing too! It already crossed my list from want to need 😅

To top it all off, let’s add the cherry on top – my Aranaz clutch. I gave away all my clutches and pouches last year so when Rustan’s had a new batch, I immediately ordered for me.. and of course I have something for you too.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. I’m currently having a #MissInformationGivesMACRubyWooAndAranazPH giveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a MAC Ruby Woo & Aranaz PH pouch. More details on my Facebook page and Instagram account. See you there!



  1. Sobrang ganda po lahat ng ginagamit nyo,sobrang nakakakilig magkaroon
    Fb name: Diane Matulac Galvez


  2. For a not-so-into-makeup-gal like me, i find your 2019 beauty staple quiet interesting and this time medyo nakaka-relate na akes Babe kasi little by little I am trying the tips and tricks already and para ngang nakikita ko na yung sarili ko na kinukumpleto yung mga basics eh (at katas ng IG giveaways yun and I will not be ashame but instead be proud about it, hehehe) Na-tary ko na rin mag-contour at mag-highlight pero syempre for a first-timer not expecting much insteas baby steps nga lang ika nila pero yun nga di mo talaga maaalam syang gawin if di mo ita-try and I must say isa ka sa mga nag-influence talaga ng importance ng mukap101 kaya for that another thank you though wala pa naman ako sa part na big purchase talaga basta kahit isa ng mga basics meron akes then I am good to go na, hehehe


  3. Wow Ms. Japs your make up is so colourful and I love your eye make up…you totally nailed it! I love how informative your review in each of the products, very detailed and make up enthusiasts will surely learn from this blog. Me I’m so fascinated with skin care, Red lipstick and smokey eyes…now I have an inspiration look for the eyes, love it tlga.


  4. Super pretty! 😍❤ Kahit anong shades ng make up bagay na bagay sayi Ms. Japs! I love it! 😍😍😍


    1. Kakatuwa makita different looks mo ms. Japs in one article. Enjoy reading it, very detailed ng review in every product you used. Any make-up enthusiast will surely find your reviews/feedback very helpful.😊💕


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