My Dior Forever & Scents Collection | Detailed Review

I can’t believe I’ve finally completed my Forever Collection this year.

I already reviewed the Dior Forever Skin Glow and Dior Forever Perfect Cushion in shade 1N. For this blog, let me review the same cushion Diormania Gold Edition in shade 0N.

Diormania Gold Edition

It has the same benefit as the other cushion I shared with you so you won’t see any new info here except for the fact that if you happen to wonder what shade works best for you, read further.

Shade 1N

This shade makes me look brown because I have a cool undertone.

Shade 0N

While this shade makes me look yellow. The formula doesn’t oxidize but Dior’s neutral shade is really not perfect for those who have cool undertone.

It comes with a free sponge that I don’t use. Lightweight leather packaging. Cushion foundation is REFILLABLE

This might confuse you because it is a cushion with a loose powder inside. I actually thought that this is a setting powder but I just realized that it is just a loose powder. Wow! Amazing!

Dior Forever Cushion LOOSE Powder

How to use:
1. Gently shake the box, then lightly tap the mesh with the puff to pick up the perfect amount of powder.
2. To keep the formula fresh, ensure the lid is closed after each use.

Shade : Fair

The 1st* loose powder that sets makeup and gives the complexion a subtle, velvety glow with no powdery effect. Housed in a travel-friendly couture case, this loose powder with a fresh and silky texture works in harmony with the skin tone to achieve an even, matte and naturally vibrant complexion in any situation.

See? A lightweight loose powder that sets your makeup. You won’t feel any powder on and I have to disagree with them, there is NO GLOW, just a silky texture with even complexion that does not patch. A powder with a slight cooling effect, no smell and has good coverage! This loose powder is finer in consistency but doesn’t make me sneeze nor is it messy.

It also comes with a puff

Infused with water and formulated with wild pansy extract, the loose powder respects the skin and improves the quality of the complexion. The loose powder is perfect for on the go: its compact case features a stylish quilted lid for makeup that is both practical and couture

Just like the other Forever products, this powder is formulated with skincare ingredients that are perfect for those who have acne-prone skin. I have very sensitive skin but I never reacted to this formula. It doesn’t make my skin dry or make my makeup cakey either. But! It has its cons. Watch the video to know what are those.

The quilted container is chic but weightless. It is sturdy and classy. Hoping there will be an option for refill soon!

Dior elevates long-wear high perfection with Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20, the 1st* makeup base with 24h wear and hydration that offers correction, protection and illumination in one application. The first* primer delivering long-wear perfection, its weightless, creamy texture corrects, smooths, evens and illuminates the complexion for a flawless skin texture all day long.

Dior Forever Skin Veil Primer SPF 20

I am allergic to SPF but I can handle up to 35 so this is still safe. I have blogged about one of my favorite primers, Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer – it is probably the best illuminating primer I’ve ever tried until I tried Dior’s.

It is not glowing once you apply. The primer looks like a vanilla cream but it won’t leave a tint on your face. It doesn’t leave your skin glowing, it feels semi-matte (not sticky). Dior Forever Skin Veil Primer feels thick at first but it is easily absorbed by the skin. I really wonder why it’s called “illuminating” when the glow is very subtle. I find it a blessing in disguise though because my Forever Skin Glow Foundation is already illuminating so it is an ugly combination. Best part? It NEVER made my skin oily .. nor did it give me acne. 🔥

Den of Dior Shangri-la : 09273290690

Let’s move on to SCENTS!

All my life I’ve been allergic to colognes and perfumes. There are only few scents I can use from Victoria’s Secret cologne range.. but my first ever perfume J’adore came from my boss. It has a classic romantic scent; a delicate fruity/floral that doesn’t overpower, thanks to its timeless qualities. I am forever grateful for my colleague who bought it for me. After more than a year, it is already used up and I have to buy another one.

While searching for cheaper options, we saw Dior J’adore Lor. #Jadore is a family of floral fragrances and the top-quality raw materials of J’adore L’Or is what makes it stand out. J’adore L’Or is an ode to noble materials, a sensual fragrance with balance that stems from a harmonious blend of several floral Absolutes: May Rose and Grasse Jasmine Absolute. These Absolutes come from the flowers harvested at the Domaine de Manon, which are exclusively reserved for Dior. The mixture of jasmine, rose, and vanilla is dominant for the most part.

The signature amphora is handmade and I just adore how elegant and feminine the bottle looks like. The new yellow-gold neck has been engraved and etched so intricately that it looks like a chain that’s been wrapped around and around the bottle.

J’adore L’Or

I remember how I cried and told my husband, “I want this more than J’adore” and when he’s finally buying it I said, “No. Just buy J’adore. I think L’or is too much for me.” Perfumes, for my opinion, shouldn’t be collected as it tends to dry up eventually. Something as good as this should be smelled and used. Not kept.

L’or is now adorned with a new chiseled necklace, created using a unique engraving technique. I love everything about it. It lasts me more than 18-24 hours (sometimes more)

Miss Dior Samples

Women, your perfume is your signature statement. It should be tagged as a part of you. Something that people will remember you by. It’s a must that when we choose a scent, it defines us, just like L’or, I’m sophisticated, sweet, classy, strong and confident. What does your scent say about you?

Where do I begin? Let’s just say it smells like poise, happiness and strength. It boosts my energy and confidence. It makes my mind more excited and psyched up for the day.

Miss Dior Rose N’Roses is a sparkling floral fragrance, a profusion of Grasse Roses refreshed by a zest of Bergamot and heightened by the intensity of a White Musk note. The freshness of an armful of colorful fresh petals, and the invigorating energy of citrusy dew characterize this fragrance.

I have high expectations from these perfumes because they are expensive and elegant-looking. Unfortunately, I had flea-bites when I used the Maison body creams plus I have allergies whenever I spray these scents. My favorite is Jasmin Des Anges but for now, they are not the type of perfumes that will actually replace my love for J’Adore or Miss Dior.

Kath of Dior Maison : 09275210888

These products are just a percentage of my Dior collection. I still have more to show. Please follow my social media channels to know more about me and my love for life, beauty and fashion.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored

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