Dior Holiday 2020 | Makeup Review

I’m back.. with the HOLIDAY MAKEUPS by Dior! Are you ready for this?

Gift Wrapped by Den of Dior Rustan’s Shangri-la

This is a FULL FACE makeup look by Dior.

Let’s start with the foundation I used for this look.

Dior Forever Skin Glow 1CR

This voluptuous fluid foundation does not just instantly enhance the complexion: it improves its beauty day after day with a formula enriched in meticulously selected skincare ingredients to reveal the skin’s full sensuality. Dior Forever Skin Glow offers a radiant finish. For a velvety matte finish, discover the iconic foundation Dior Forever.

Wearing Capture Totale Foundation

I’ve been wearing a matte foundation all my life. Considering the fact that I love matte and I have very dry skin, I had a change of heart as soon as I tried a sample of this velvetty matte foundation. Thanks Den for the sample!

Who wouldn’t say yes to this beautiful finish?

For 24 hours, complexion coverage remains flawless. The complexion is radiant and even. The skin appears plumped and its texture tightened. From morning to night, the perfect water-oil balance delivers a naturally vibrant, shine-free glow. The skin is protected from exterior aggressors and UVA and UVB rays with SPF 35 PA++ protection.

I am allergic to high SPF but I can handle up to SPF 35

I blogged about the importance of knowing your undertone and so one of the reasons I bought this is because this formula does not oxidize and it has a cool undertone (at least 1 shade for Philippines that suits me best)

A hydration booster, wild pansy extract helps protect the skin from drying. The skin is soothed and appears smoothed and radiant with beauty. Protective rose hip extract, which has been the star ingredient of Dior Forever for years, helps protect the quality of skin from exterior aggressors and reduce the appearance of dilated pores. Application after application, the pores appear tightened and the skin’s texture refined. Beautifying pigments adjust to the skin’s tone for a sensually enhanced complexion with an imperceptible makeup look and feel.

If there’s a reason why I’m choosing this over any formula – it is the comfort it brings and the protection it gives to those who have acne-prone skin. Whenever I wear makeup, I always end up having more pimples than usual.. but with Dior, acne heals and skin is renewed. For 5 years, I stick with Dior foundation because of its ability to take care of my skin without irritating it

Diorshow Pump N’ Brow

The 1st squeezable brow mascara by Dior for instant volume with a natural finish. With a simple squeeze, experience Backstage volume! Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Brow makes brows appear naturally fuller.

At first I thought, “What a claim!” It is when I finally tried it that I noticed a big difference. From its waterproof and transferproof formula to its longevity.. they definitely offered the best qualities you’ll ever wish for a brow mascara.

It can be applied alone – no need to add another product; but you can opt to use a brow pencil for framing

Its formula enriched with microfibers and fortifying ingredients (vitamins E, B5 and B8) adds texture with a 3D effect for full, lush brows that remain natural.

Diorshow Pump N’ Volume Waterproof Mascara

While the decrease in thickness between classic and waterproof mascara can be disappointing, Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Waterproof maintains intense volume with a higher dose of wax than classic Dior waterproof mascaras.

It is probably THE BEST MASCARA I ever had – not just because of its lightweight formula and ability to add volume on my lashes; but because it has the best wand that is foolproof, economical and gives you a clump-free finish.

How did I prime my lips? Check out this Youtube video to know how!

Is it holiday already? Then it’s time for DIORIFIC goodness!

Diorific Golden Nights Long-Wearing Lipstick in 072 Shimmery Red

A long-wearing lipstick in ultra-pigmented shades with a luminous sparkling finish.

I have tons of red lipsticks but this one is unique for it is satin but definitely long-wearing. It glides smoothly on the lips and despite drinking water for at least 6 hours, the shade stays to its true color.

Are you ready for blushes overload?

Dior Rouge 999 Blush

It is so pigmented, you only need a few swipes to see a red blush on your cheeks, making your skin look naturally healthy. It is blendable and lasts for up to 8 hours without touch-up. It looks bloody red on the cheeks but looked like a dark coral when swatched. Just blend blend blend and see how easy it is to wear this

Dior Rouge Blush 783 Confident

It is a dark berry shade with cooler undertones and a satin finish. It has very fine pearls but its texture isn’t shimmery–just more of a semi-matte finish that looked skin-like once buffed and blended out on my skin.

A little goes a long way so it is better to build the color than to over-apply and have a bruise-looking patch on your skin. Once it sets, it leaves a bronzed shadow that creates the perfect contour on your face.

I love its limited and exclusive print on the blush. It has a buttery texture but has a tendency to have a kick back. Compared to 999 blush, it is harder to blend because it tends to be powdery once blended. Though it is very pigmented, blending this could be tricky so make sure you use the right brush. Good thing the Rouge blush already includes the perfect mini brush. Based from experience, their mini brushes have excellent quality and can last for years!

I thought this won’t work out! It was so hard to blend. It is not the shimmery pigmented highlighter I thought it would be. It is more like a blush with an illuminating finish.

The texture is smooth to the touch, it can pick up a lot of product with no kickback. It has that gel-powder kind of formula that is firm but doesn’t have a powdery texture. Make sure to dab instead of blending. I wasted a lot of product trying to blend this using my fingers, different brushes etc. I failed! So just dab.

Diorskin Nude Luminizer Blush 10 in Coral Pop

It has an opaque pigmentation that sticks and melts to the skin. Once it melts, it subtly shines, making your skin look naturally healthy and glowing

Thanks Den for helping me out!

Den of Dior Shangri-la : 09273290690

They have nice Dior limited sets

Christmas is not about how much money we spend; but about the quality of the time we share and the love we give to make it special. In fact, for me, everyday should be Christmas day. This holiday, share the love by loving and taking care of yourself first before others. Then once you’re stable, happier, and at peace, start taking care of others as well.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



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