Dior FULL FACE Skincare Routine

If you follow me on my social media pages, you know by now that for the past 3 months.. I suffered from the worst acne!

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On my recent blog and vlog, I discussed why I transferred from Estee Lauder to Dior.

For my updated FULL FACE Dior skincare routine, let’s start with a toner.

The best total age-defying serum-lotion born from Dior’s research on mother cells and its floral expertise. After 7 days, your skin appears rebalanced, more even and softer. Day after day, its suppleness and luminosity are lastingly restored for skin that radiates health.

This is the only toner that works for me today. I accidentally thought it was a serum because of its lotion-serum consistency. It doesn’t feel thick nor itchy on the face. It helps in hydrating the face, leaving it healthy-looking.

Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster

A real radiance concentrate, this serum offers skin all the benefits of the Kakadu plum. 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange, it helps to clarify the complexion and to act on uneven skin texture to create a luminous, even complexion. 

I use this as a spot treatment on my active acne. Sometimes, I also apply it under my eyes to support my eye care products. It makes my skin discoloration more even and my scars lighter.

Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum

Capture Totale Super Potent Serum offers exceptional sensory appeal thanks to its fine, fast-penetrating texture, in perfect affinity with the skin.

I remember trying this out for the first time. It healed my acne and restored my skin. I tried 1 sachet that made me decide to stop Estee Lauder and move forward to Dior.

I started using this recently, in a matter of 3 to 5 days, I see instant result. Skin became glowing and plump. Scars became lighter, acne healed faster.

When exposed to daily aggressors such as UV rays, humidity, pollution, and lifestyle habits, skin cells adapt to environmental constraints and alter the natural brightness of the skin. These changes, described as epigenetic, lead to the lasting darkening of the skin tone. Epigenetic changes are lasting but reversible. Dior’s exclusive ultra-potent natural Yeast extract acts at the heart of skin cells to help restore the skin’s natural luminosity and protect against further skin tone darkening due to external aggressors.

Dior Capture Youth Age Delay Advanced Eye Treatment

Advanced Eye Treatment revitalizes the eye contour, targeting puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with an ingredient of natural origin with an effectiveness comparable to retinol, it instantly redensifies and smooths the skin. The eyes retain their youthful beauty throughout the day.

I love this eye treatment! Finally I don’t worry so much on puffiness and dark circles anymore. It is affordable compared to other eye treatments in the market for it definitely works! Just be careful for it has a retinol-like ingredient that may cause irritation once the serum goes inside your eyes

Dior Capture Totale Eye Cream

Through the action of the age-defying eye cream, the eye contour appears instantly revitalized, freed from the marks of time, stress and fatigue. Intensely smoothed and firmed, the eye area appears alert and bright, day after day.

To be honest, this is good to use as a moisturizer of the eye contour area and to delay signs of aging. I need both eyecare products to see better results

Dior Capture Totale Face Cream

The Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Creme is fresh yet rich, offering the skin extreme comfort. Upon application, it melts into the skin thanks to its micro-fragmented texture.

This works like magic! From restoring my dry and sensitive skin to healing my bacne, this is my partner in life. My son also uses this for his dry and sensitive skin. It helps in healing my acne but it needs to be paired with a serum for it to work better.

With its beneficial skin-perfecting action, Dreamskin fluid helps recreate naturally exquisite skin while fighting visible signs of aging: wrinkles, dark spots and redness appear minimized. Day after day, the skin’s texture is refined and smoother. The skin regains an intense radiance.

Dior Capture Totale DreamSkin

This came as a surprise to me for I never knew it would help my dark spots and redness. It has a primer texture that helps in refining the skin. The last step of my skincare routine and the first step in my makeup routine. Now that my skin is recovering.. I don’t use it daily anymore for it works so good as a makeup primer as well!

This is my current skin condition – lifted, more calm, lighter acne scars with few active acne due to maskne

I’d like to grab this opportunity to thank my husband for the support and for spoiling me. To God be the glory!

Also to Ms Den of Dior Shangri-la.. thank you for the advice and assistance. You may contact them at 09273290690 to order

Remember, this is the perfect time to take care of ourselves for we have more time to do our skincare routine and rest more. Stop wasting time watching TV or minding other people’s business, let’s spend time with God and take good care of ourselves instead. Now there’s a pandemic, skincare and vitamins are really essential. Whatever brand it is, what matters most is the love we give to ourselves in this crazy time.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



  1. Nkikita k nga Ms. Japs s mga Ig stories mo un mga improvements at mukhang hiyang ka sa Dior. Npanood k din po un video Ms. Japs sa food at packaging ang bongga pero gsto k s lhat un npaknta ka at un inspiring word of God po.


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