Dior Beauty Fall Collection.. and more!

2 months ago.. I bought some makeups from the Dior Beauty fall collection.

Unboxing Dior Beauty Fall Collection – Makeup Haul

This blog is focused on this haul.

Dior Forever Couture Luminizer 003

I love how lightweight yet shimmering this formula is. It has a subtle glow without the issue of clogging pores.

It is infused with wild pansy extract which means it is perfect for those who have acne, eczema and psoriasis – prone skin

Compact and easy to clean. Packaging is simple and elegant. It doesn’t break easily.

The most awaited swatch for this shade 😉
Dior Forever Skin Glow Cushion 0N

I already have a lot of cushions.. this one has the best skincare benefits so far 🙌

Its packaging isn’t as perfect or as eye-catching as my other cushions.. but it is still wonderfully made for it is made from the cannage motif.

Its formula is just like the Forever Skin Glow foundation.. it leaves your skin luminous and radiant. It is long-lasting with the ability to treat the active acne. This cushion is formulated with pansy extract like the other Dior Forever formula.

I love its sponge and signature Dior Forever scent. The best part? It is refillable! 💖

Diorshow Stylo Eyeliner 836

This is a so-so product. It is not my favorite for despite its waterproof formula.. it easily fades and doesn’t show that much pigment once it gets wet.

Packaging is awesome. Pigment isn’t as good as Shiseido’s. If I have the chance to buy this next time, I won’t buy it anymore.
Dior Ultra Rouge 626

It’s like wearing a lip balm with intense pigment and extreme hydration capabilities. It protects and moisturizes my lips like crazy.

Its lipstick shade is different once its worn. I love its scent and texture. Just perfect for fall! 🍃🍂🍁

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid 733

It is by far my comfiest and lightest liquid lipstick ever. Pigment isn’t compromised while hydration is maximized.

It is like wearing a lightweight velvet lipstick without the dryness. Wear it then forget it. 😉

Watch this vlog for the FULL REVIEW and swatches!

Holidays are coming! I can now see the happy lights, reunited families, and big smiles everywhere. My prayer is good health and peace for the world to enjoy. Just don’t forget to take care of your inner self as you beautify your outer self.

Until next time! 😉
All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored


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