Dior Fragrance Collection

Who’s still wearing perfume at home? Since the pandemic started, most of us stopped caring about ourselves. Not me though! I cared more than ever.

On this post, we will talk about my Dior Fragrance collection!

Let’s start with this Miss Dior EDP. It’s the 2021 version that I never knew I needed. Ah-mazing! From its strong vanilla base to its floral powdery scent – it smells sooooo good!

Together with the perfume, I also grabbed the opportunity to avail their gift with purchase – this bucket bag. It is perfect to use as Miss Dior’s container/protector. Love it!

Miss Dior Rose n Roses EDT straight up smells like roses. No more no less. The roll-on will make you feel a bit sticky though but its consistency and scent are still the same when you spray it.

This pot of gold is just wow! It’s like having a J’adore perfume in a form of a gel that you can apply all over your body to freshen up with an added glitz.

It smells so good and dries fast on the skin without the sticky feeling. It leaves your skin with a subtle golden glow. The only downside, I tend to have rashes and pimples after every use.

Now let's move on to my 1st perfume from the Dior Privee Collection

This smells like a sexy independent cowgirl who could also be smart and outspoken. It is the smell between a sweet and sultry girl.

Vanilla Diorama is just like Miss Dior EDP without the floral powdery scent. It has a citrus vanilla smell that is perfect for both men and women. Be careful though, this scent isn’t perfect when you intend to sweat the whole day 😉

This is like a lighter version of J’adore with a more powdery scent. I like that its vanilla base isn’t overwhelming and its floral scent made this perfume refreshing overall.

Based on my perfume choices, it's pretty obvious that I love perfumes with vanilla, fruity, floral, powdery and citrus notes. It will always boil down to how the perfume makes me feel

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



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